Cute Enough To… Cook?

Adds a whole new meaning to “cute enough to eat” when you throw them in a pot!

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  1. Wsroadrunner

    Seems kinda ‘tasteless’ to me

  2. WTF ?!

  3. And why on carpet in front of what looks like an entertainment center?

  4. #speechless

  5. Anne Geddes apparently started this fad of putting babies in sometimes cute, sometimes whimsical poses with props. But honestly, cooking a baby – even as a whimsical photo – is just not cute. It’s a little horrifying. A baby in an egg, a baby in a flowerpot, a baby in a pumpkin, OK. But a pot with vegetables? I think the photographer missed the point. Fine line between whimsical and creepy has been crossed. And if you’re gonna do a shot, any shot – your camera allows you to set white balance for a purpose. (And this kid definitely does not look happy.)

  6. NicCole

    There is no way someone could look at this and think “that’s a great, professional photo.” I can see taking a quick photo of my friend’s baby in this set-up and laughing cuz it’s “cute,” but certainly not professional. Just because a photo turns out focused and relatively accurate doesn’t make it GOOD. And is the kid’s skin-tone off? Over-saturated?

  7. So does this make the baby a ‘pot’ head?

  8. Ugh… c’mon kids, check your white balance.

  9. Ugh….can you please post the link to the photographer’s page?? I’d like to give them a piece of my mind…

  10. Jomomma

    Although I know who the fauxtog is I won’t link to their page. She only has 37 fans if that tells you anything 🙁

  11. Taste like chicken!
    Porky, the other white meat!

  12. The baby is more orange than the carrot… hmmmm…

  13. One day when she had nothing to do (sing rickety tickety tin),
    One day when she had nothing to do,
    She cut her baby brother in two,
    And served him up as an Irish stew,
    And invited the neighbors in.
    (The Irish Ballad —Tom Lehrer.)

  14. White balance wrong? Check
    Dodgy carpet? Check
    Awkward idea? Check
    Uncomfortable looking baby? Check

    What the actual fuck?

  15. ithurtswhenipee

    White balance is probably set to incandescent, but the 99 cent drugstore CFLs are too elusive for most cameras that can’t manually adjust the kelvin level.

    • Melissa

      Who are you kidding?!? This photographer doesn’t know what “kelvin” means!

  16. There’s good eatin’ on one of them!

  17. Gourmetguy

    Are we in Mexico?

  18. wow… ive seen similar ones done tastefully, but the baby is always wearing a chef’s hat, and “in charge” not laying helplessly in a pot waiting to be seasoned.

  19. Captain Eddie

    More crap from the photo wannabe’s out there. And to think she may have been paid for this picture(not image or photograph) just picture like the stuff you get at RiteAid.

  20. Get in mah BELLY!!

  21. Did anyone notice that the pot has liquid in it? But the baby’s top is not wet… Look’s like a bad idea AND Photoshop were joined!
    Maybe this could go to the web site

  22. Someone is a fan of “A Modest Proposal”…….

  23. Weirdly, I have no issue with the idea of cooking the baby. I have an issue with their not putting the potatoes and stuff in the pot with it, arranging it all nicely like a still life. That’s what I’d have done. Also, lighting…blah. Also the hat.

  24. Just call him Hansel!

  25. google “baby soup in China” This photo is just gross.

  26. As far as conceptual photography goes they have this all wrong. Concept fail.

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