Cut It Out

Seriously Fauxtog, such a lazy cut out job!

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  1. yukkk

  2. oh good god….

  3. It’s magic. The kid floats in mid-air. That’s just bad.

  4. How on earth could you feel okay displaying this as professional work. smh

  5. Imagine how bad the background had to look if after cutting it out like this they said to themself…”there, that’s better. I’m going to post this to my site”.

  6. dodie

    hahahahahahahahaha, all I can do is laugh

  7. Pelham

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  8. Ernie

    Likely another fauxtog with a way too bright uncalibrated monitor that cannot see all the stuff on his “beautiful white background”! The really sad part is that they thought the photo was worth saving to begin with!!!

  9. Canaduck

    Clearly the work of a four-year-old with a pair of exceptionally dull safety scissors who fancies herself a professional photographer.

  10. *tries to rub smudges from screen* oh, wait…

    • I thought my screen was smudged too! What in the world is in the background?

    • Grimoire

      It really is weird. I played around with the brightness and the contrast of the image, and it looks like the “white” background is really a very badly overexposed image of a furry blanket in the foreground and a framed picture in the background. This is even more WTF than before.

      • I did the same thing before I saw your comment! It is so odd….

    • Miss Obnoxious

      IKR! I thought the same thing. LOL XD

  11. E. K.

    Not only is the image horrible but the cut out job totally sucks as well. Go back to your city job hauling trash. You’re much better at that instead of photography.

  12. A photographer

    Now… what to do with that distracting white background. Layer in the Grand Canyon? Niagara Falls? The Space Needle? It’s got to be something good.

  13. Looks like it was cut out using blunt scissors?

  14. ARE YOU SERIOUS???????

  15. Maybe the kid is the photographer and did a self portrait…

  16. Carrie

    Holy hell. Do these fauxtogs even have opposable thumbs?

    • katie

      Omg Carrie..I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything or it would of been all over my screen when I read your comment!

      • Carrie

        At this point, wondering about the opposable thumb situation on this fauxtog (and all the others) is all I’ve got left. Like several other commenters here, I seriously can’t believe someone would sit back and say “Hey, this is awesome! I’ve put in several hours of work on this one photo and it deserves to be uploaded to my Such & Such Photography FB fan page as part of ‘Lil Johnny’s Photo Shoot’ album! Maybe I’ll finally reach 1000 ‘likes’ with this one [because we all know that for some reason, these morons have other morons who actually like them] and I’ll have people contact me for more photo shoots and I can do this again! I’M SO BLESSED TO HAVE A JOB I LOVE!!”

        God, that was difficult to climb into the mind of one of these people and come up with that.

  17. lol Carrie!!!

  18. oh come on! it’s not that bad

  19. The kid isn’t even in focus!

  20. bubba

    *learn photoshop in 24 hours*

    today’s lesson: selection & layers — check!

    tomorrows lesson: selective coloring — can’t wait!!

  21. bubba

    *learn photoshop in 24 hours*

    today’s lesson: selection & layers — check!

    tomorrow’s lesson: selective coloring — can’t wait!!

    • Miss Obnoxious

      Oh no… now I don’t even want to see THAT outcome… lol.

  22. Lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllladies….

  23. God, I shudder to think what was deleted…what an atrocious cut-out job.

  24. Frankie

    Okay, I am a loss for words…..

  25. Wsroadrunner

    The fauxtog painted the background out with a mop?

  26. Chairman

    But at least the fauxtog saved the $1 it would cost to have the cutout done in Asia.

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