Cup of Crap

“Turned out cute!!!!” … Maybe the Fauxtog had emptied a few glasses herself before making that judgement!

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  1. Two idiots One cup

  2. Are they Tebowing?

    • ashley

      i literally said the exact same thing…

      • Exactly my first thought. My second was “shoot them now” … and not with a camera.

  3. An excellent use of masking… their faces so they are not embarrassed by this photo in the future.

  4. we used to do this on film back in the 80’s.
    On film of course.
    It looked a lot better then.

    • someone

      There is no medium that makes putting a person in a cup look good

  5. Robert

    Not sure if tebowing … or facepalming.

  6. A cup of shame.

  7. I don’t understand why the tiny people are in the cup…

  8. 2cents

    What’s next? Faith Hilling in a punch bowl?

  9. Quetzal

    As a child, I cut out my paperdolls with more skill than this–and that was using safety scissors!

  10. First mistake- committing to the concept itself
    Second mistake- Committing to a cut-and-paste effect and then not having a chroma key backdrop along
    Third mistake- Committing to a less-than-perfect cutout and then sticking it to a bright blue background to expose every flaw
    Fourth mistake- In spite of three previous mistakes, posting it anyway.

    And yes..what ARE the bride and groom doing? If I was going to paste two people into a drinking glass, it would be an image of them raising a toast or something relevant to drinking.

  11. Cherry7Up

    I’ve seen this Facebook page and that is only one of the many craptastic images you could fill this site with. Aside from the horrifically bad composites, she clearly has zero understanding of light, composition, white balance, cropping, color, etc., yet she’s charging people for her photos. **sigh** Why do people think that you can just pick up a camera and start charging people without an ounce of training?

    • Kristian

      Because people are paying her. I guess that’s why she thinks that. If I had to venture a guess, her rates are “very affordable”.

  12. Alicia

    I think maybe, just maybe, there was photoshop involved

  13. LOL, how absolutely awful…it’s almost perfect in its awfulness. The bad background of a sea of blue, the position (is this a thing?), the horrendous cut-out job…I kind of have to assume it was done as a joke. But I know it surely wasn’t, and that’s what makes me cry myself to sleep at night. Well, that and the crippling loneliness and depression.

  14. That’s what happened to my glass!

  15. HennyM

    Customer Testimonials
    “I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!”
    John Doe
    San Francisco, CA

    John Doe got married!!!

  16. I think the bride and groom are bending down crying in the cup so that the cup will fill with tears and they will drown? I’m not sure what else to get from this photo -_-

  17. The happy couple with matching migraines at the thought of what their friends and family will say when they see the wedding photos!

  18. Itsamazing

    I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Tebowing in a cup is amazing. And would you just look at that light shine on the rim! It’s so realistic and gives the whole image a magical feel. Now, if only there was a white vignette, then it would be perfect.

  19. greeneggs&ham

    Maybe they’re covering their faces to protect their eyes from what appears to be a chinese throwing star balanced precariously on the rim of the cup.

  20. How come the fauxtog is always referred to as “her?”

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