Couple Funny Selective Coloring Photos

Oh selective coloring… Are you ever used effectively or do you just exist to amuse us?

They’ve been standing in the sun posing for pictures too long! Look at their poor burned skin!

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  1. Why so serious?

    • Hahahaha! I almost choked on my tongue laughing!

    • John is Awake

      I’m thinking that this was done badly with intention. It would be kind of tough to nail so many “don’t do’s” in one image.

  2. For the Smith family’s wedding joining young Sunshine to their plural family, the local clown college donated their services for make-up and squirting flowers. The Smith family is blessed, indeed.

  3. Young Rhianna seems to hold the key to the first entry into this foray into hell on her finger. Shhhhhh.

  4. stephanie

    My 3 year old was sitting next to me when i opened this and even she said, “whoa! scary humans!!!”

  5. Painful to look at!

  6. Now let’s be reasonable here. Just because the colors used are not found in nature and it looks like a 2-year-old colored on the photos with Day-Glo crayons, doesn’t mean these aren’t well thought out and executed images. What guy wouldn’t want his lips to be painted… whatever color that is? And what family wouldn’t want to look like Cheetos addicts?

  7. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Ugh, bad, & the men look like vampires.

  8. sweet mercy of mother earth, WHAT THE HELL.

  9. It’s artsy. It’s trendy. They’re making money. So they must be good, right? Scuse me while I hurl.

  10. Uncle Bob

    Ugh, no, just wrong, some people should not be allowed near a camera, or Photoshop!

  11. michaelnovo

    What if these people just have a degenerative skin condition and all you see is red? Maybe the ARTIST just wants us to see what life would be like as a colorblind person would see it!? (except for red of course :p

  12. this site owes a great deal to selective colouring.


    What’s more reasonable to wonder is,
    a) how pissed off that wedding party / person who paid for that is
    b) what was going through their mind and what possessed them to think it was a good idea
    c) why in gods name did they ever post them in the first place

  14. blablou

    I imagine the baby at 150mp/h on the same position, catching the helmet…

  15. brandon rad

    The groom looks like a joker psychopath

  16. I so pray no one had to pay for this. I have to assume the first is fake, that not even the worst faux is so blind as to think that looks good (except to a completely color-blind person).

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