Concerned Baby

Baby’s thoughts : “Now if those chicks get out of the plastic eggs, will they attempt to eat me? Should I attempt to eat them?”

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  1. Steve

    Focus on the eyes, not the flowers…..
    (Yeah, I know they’re pasted in…)

    • focus in on the basket flowers are fake post-prod with sharper image.

      just plain bad.

  2. The super imposed flower in the baby’s hair is even more disturbing. All this photo is missing is some selective colorization.

  3. Loverfli

    Are those flowers even real???
    My eyes hurt.

  4. Colleen

    I *really* hope this person is NOT getting paid for this stuff! I feel bad enough charging for my photos and I’d like to think I’m half decent lol

  5. Steff

    OMG are those real chicks in those eggs? Thats seriously wrong!!! Even the bunny is so freaked out by this photo its trying to run away!

    • Some major LOL going on here.

      In a way that actually DOES look better. 😉

    • LOLOLOL! Thanks for the laugh – I needed that! 🙂

    • Gal with a camera

      Oh yes. That’s just what it needed… I felt like it was missing something. 😉

  6. You guys have it all wrong… this is an excellent photo of the wabbit with a few props. Of course the baby should be blurred if it’s not the focus of the picture…

  7. Susan

    The floating flowers look dopey. There’s not even an attempt to try to make them look as though they were originally there.

  8. This is just silly

  9. BurninBiomass

    “Wait…. didn’t that bunny have 2 ears just a minuet ago? AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

  10. Henny

    did they stick the flower into the babies head? if so, no surprise the baby looks so bummed.

    haven’t i seen this yellow duck before?!

    and someone should call PETA. for that little chick in the pink egg.

  11. bubba

    I hate it when I wake up naked in a strange seat… I don’t even remember last night… what the?… where’d that tattoo come from?!

  12. spike

    Looks like the AF point was on the basket or possibly the baby’s left arm. Maybe the person who took this pic doesn’t know that you can select AF location or at the very least AF on the subject and then recompose to get the desired crop.

    But that’s the least of sins I see here. The flowers are creepy and IMO if your baby pic needs to be embellished with tacky post-prod flowers, then your baby (or client’s baby) just isn’t cute enough.

    And seriously…can those baby chicks breathe in there? I’m pretty sure this is not only animal cruelty, but if all those creatures are live, they could pose a risk to the baby. I seriously hope that’s a stuffed baby bunny. Real bunnies can get quite vicious when startled.

  13. Gal with a camera

    Good grief… when will people learn that, putting cartoon flower stickers on pictures is NOT COOL.

  14. Photomama

    Seriously, if those chicks are real someone should call animal control.. that’s really cruel!

  15. Kelli

    Oh and the photoshopped in flowers make it that much more horrible!

  16. James

    Are those free clip art flower GIF’s from the 90’s?

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