Color Finger

Nothing screams Fauxtog quite like poorly executed selective coloring!

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  1. Hey, smell my finger!

  2. Nothing screams fauxtog like selective coloring PERIOD.

    • EvilDaystar

      While I agree, I have clients who request it. Black and white hands holding the golden wedding bands for example. Not my cup of tea but I’d rather do it for the client than see what half arsed attempt they’d do of it.

      • Yeah, but you don’t put that stuff in your portfolio. Especially not if it’s poorly done like this one.

  3. There is an unknown, and most likely hostile, object out there. And we must destroy it. It’s codenamed… “Maternity.”


      hahah, good luck. I just keep myself+camera away from all the pregnant people.

      • Make sure you are really careful around the headless pregnant people. They seem to be the most dangerous.

      • It’s the little title at the top that I’m talking about. It sets an odd tone for the image with the selection of font. And just the idea of putting it there in the first place is weird.

  4. Oh boy. Another poorly executed selective colour shot. How the hell do they get this wrong? It just looks like sloppy workmanship.

    • They get it wrong because they’re using Picassa to do it. If you’re going to do this shit, which I don’t unless it’s specifically requested, then do it right for criminy sake.


        I don’t do it even if it is requested.. I wont take a client that request this type of shit.

      • OMG…you’re awesome. It would be nice to be in a position financially where I could turn away work. Me? Well, I have to pay bills, so if a client requests it, I do it. But I don’t put it on display.

  5. The flat side of her arm where she’s leaning on the backdrop is killing me.

    • I noticed that too, but I put it off to FB cropping… but if they cropped like that and then added more background in – that’s bad.

  6. If someone requested me to do selective color, and it was for a shot that would work for it, I might do it but not post it on my portfolio. For instance, a senior boy’s mom got the photos (I sold them the digital copies) and she asked if I could change the background color of a tan stone wall he was standing by to blue or green… I cringed doing it, and it was not easy making it look right. She never asked for those copies after I showed her online, and I’m guessing that she realized how cheesy it looked. and I mean cheesy. The original edit looked natural and just fine.

  7. I saw Chanel use selective coloring…..and it still looked bad.

  8. I keep clicking on the “like” button at the bottom but it doesn’t let me… good that she titled it “maternity”…I would have never known
    but in all seriousness why have a lifeless corpse (in grey) and green shoes??? oh yeah, because green tells us the baby’s gender? I detest selective color – hmm, maybe detest isn’t a strong enough word but even if your client demands it – do not put your logo on it and remove all exif data showing it’s yours. Because no matter how many fantastic images you have out there with your logo/name, when you are really hoping for that one really great job/assignment – that darn selective color shot will pop up as the first image they see when googling you! Better yet, just show the client your GOOD work and say “this is my style and the selective color (and any other lame fad) style is not very professional looking” – if they insist you can say you will do one image for them but you will take your name from the image as you do not want to promote that style of photography under your name.

  9. eek. Selective coloring usually gives me the creeps, as does this.

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