Christmas Shiner

Anyone else think it looks like Santa gave her a shiner? Guess someone was really naughty this year!

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  1. I am so confused by this pic…it seems her hips have disappeared, along with her left arm but her left hand survived. the yellowish/orangish tint to her face is disgusting. and it seems she has 2 black eyes. #horribleposing #badcutout

    • And her legs don’t even look attached. I guess that’s the result of eliminating her hips.

      • victoria3jhm

        and it seems as though the fauxtog has attempted a texture at the top of the pic on the black background? just an all around HORRIBLE pic!

    • Gal with a Camera

      #addingUnneccesaryHashtagsAtYANAP #kindaAnnoying #butCute #haha

  2. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    Horrible posing. Horrible lighting. Horrible cropping. Horrible post-processing.

    Just horrible.

  3. My god…the lack of self-awareness in the person who took this is utterly astounding. What in god’s name would make someone think this is okay? Blindness?

  4. Stephanie

    This is awful. Shes not a horrible subject by any means but def needs to think twice about her Photographer.

  5. Add to the above comments……her right hand is out of focus & is too white!

  6. The sad part for me is that many people will view this as a ‘good’ photograph.

  7. Looks like an Ike Turner Christmas special.

  8. Only a fauxtog could come up with a genre like Wax Museum Christmas Boudoir! Love how they carefully applied the Portrait Professional to the area under her chin too. *sigh*

  9. There are a lot of things wrong that the photographer did but you can’t blame him for the black eyes. The model needs to learn how to apply makeup.

    • Canaduck

      It’s entirely possible that the photographer encouraged/suggested the make-up. It’s not like it’s any tackier than the giant bow or the cheap plastic garlands.

  10. Nice straight on flash there.

  11. Elizabeth

    She’s a gift from Satan! Ooops…I meant SANTA. She looks like the victim of a particularly disturbed murderer, who then propped her up on a couch, wrapped her in a bow, and then tried to MELT HER FACE OFF!!!

    • That’s what I thought. I was thinking this could be a great commercial for those test strips that detect date rape drugs. What a sad little photo.

  12. A photographer

    Every rule about human photography was ignored here. Note the strange jaw line creating an asymetrical face due to the camera angle, the legs apparently not attached to the body, the detatched left hand, the “amputee” crop of her left leg, the “hump” look of her right knee, and of course the expression on her face which I guess was supposed to look “seductive” but it looks more like she was about to pass out.

  13. the picture itself looks alright but someone seems to have hitten her on the eye?

  14. im normaly leary to post here because in most cases the posters are as bad if not worse than the people they mock but i had to point out a glarrin ommision people are missing

    this isnt a model its a sex doll

  15. Her face looks like she has gone through an embalming procedure…

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