Cheesy Baby Bump

Before the session, the photographer instructed the couple to roll around in Doritos.

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  1. Oh, NO NO NO! This is the reason people hate maternity photography…crap like this is a crime against the most beautiful experience in the world!

  2. tripichik

    It looks more like Betadine to me. Didn’t know bump pix required sterile conditions.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking! Maybe they’re about to do a c section???

  3. What is this piece of shit? Good lord.

  4. Holy Cheetos Batman! Next time, wipe your hands before a baby bump shot.

  5. Biff Sweldon

    Same effect can be gotten with cheese doodles.

  6. worse photo i have ever seen!!!! it’s just complete & utter tramps pants!!

  7. What happened to her belly button?

    • That’s what happens when you’re pregnant. You know, entire other human being inside you and all that.

    • Jen, that’s what happens when you get pregnant. You know, its part of the whole “I have an entire other human inside my abdomen” thing.

  8. Can someone please tell me what a GOOD example of color spotting is? I’ve never personally used it, and only seen it in TERRIBLE pictures like this one. So, I’d like to know if there is ever a good time to use it?

  9. Jajajajaajaja SUCKS

  10. it could have been worse…the hands could have formed a “heart” shape… {gag}

  11. Oh lord. It’s just all wrong.

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