Centaur Wedding

happy horses

Wouldn’t this look awesome hanging over the dinning table?

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  1. Are you kidding?!?

  2. Just speechless. I dare “you are not a photographer” to find something to top this.

  3. Burnin Biomass

    *Insert Old Spice whistle here*

  4. Hmmm. Seems like the poor husband has been castrated. *yes, he is married all right*

  5. Mister and Missus Ed?

  6. nesgran

    Only out of Russia would such atrocities emerge

  7. One of life’s blessings and curses is never being able to “unsee” something!

  8. George

    Did you purposely misspell dining table?

  9. Not gonna lie… I’m kind of in love with this hot mess & would totally rock that beast over my couch.

  10. Would of worked better if they used a picture of two horses at the beach.

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