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Baby Bump Boudoir

Whoa, that’s quite the wink!

Beer Baby

This one’s hanging on the wall in the nursery!

Super Pink Shirt

Way to crop out what we assume was the baby’s name to focus on the dad…

Ribbon Bellies

We’re not sure the ribbon around the little girl’s belly is appropriate…  

Onion Baby

We’re not sure if this is a baby bump photo, or if this couple is just really fond of onions…


Yea, who cares if your subject has her eyes open? You got the baby bump in there and that’s all that matters!

Baby Bump Sunset

Oh yes, this definitely looks like these two are standing on a beach!  

What The Flex Is This

For the baby shower, if you’re bringing a gift, all they’re asking for is more bronzer! For the baby of course!

The Opposite of Flattering

Minimal effort Fauxtography at it’s best! Don’t worry about editing or anything silly like that, just point, click and share it with all of your 25 Facebook fans!