Cake Faces

cake faces

I wonder if their faces are the same flavor?

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  1. I suddenly have the worst case of indigestion…

  2. *Sigh*

  3. That is sad to know someone thought this would be a good idea…..

  4. A Photographer

    Wedding are all about the cake. Years later they’ll still be talking about the cake.

    • I make wedding cakes, and I’d be effing pissed if someone did this to one of mine.

      Also, I’m better at Photoshop than this, and I… MAKE CAKES. I’m not a photographer and don’t pretend to be.

  5. Is this another example of those Russian wedding photographers? They seem to favor this kind of thing.

  6. EyeDocPhotog

    of all the photos on this site, my favorite is still “Magic Glow Baby.” I was drinking soda at the time and, well, you know, the soda out the nose thing.

  7. roycebennett

    “Its the thought that counts”, right?

  8. Photoshop Level 0

  9. In all the years and thousands of shots I’ve taken of wedding cakes, I haven’t seen any ghosts in them like this one. But please people, if you’re doing something like this, can you at least do a better job than just pasting a pic onto the cake. Ugh.

  10. I guess you really are what you eat.

  11. Wsroadrunner

    Did they do that in MS Paint?

  12. Eyes saw “Cake faces”, but brain read “Cake feces”.

    Then I scrolled down, then scrolled back up to be sure my brain wasn’t right the first time.

    But the really creepy thing here isn’t the faces…but those hands in the lower right corner. *shudders*

  13. Baker: “We need something to slice and dice this cake.”

    Tog: “Like Photoshop?”

    Baker: “I was thinking more along the lines of a knife.”

    Tog: “Well, let’s try my way first, just to see how it goes.”

    • Baker: “Have you been a pro photographer long?”

      Tog: “Actually, this is my first paid gig.”

      Baker: “How long had you done photography before this then?”

      Tog: “Man, it’s been a long time. Let’s see, I bought my DSLR Last Tuesday, so that’s what? almost two weeks.”

      Baker: “I think I’ll go find that knife.”

  14. Oh my! This is so bad….

  15. Jessica Bowser

    It’s a soylent green wedding cake! 😛

  16. I wonder if they know that you can now actually take your image into a baker and have them transfer onto frosting. Much less hassle, and it doesn’t leave me wanting to bang my head against the table.

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