Cake Bride

Wonder how they’re going to get her down the aisle?

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  1. cameraclicker

    The D100 was Nikon’s first amateur DSLR, introduced way back in 2002. It was replaced by the improved D70 in 2004 and the D70s in 2005.

    • Kristian

      Which is perfect since this seems to be this photographer’s first amateur photo.

    • Andre

      Wasn’t the D100 a higher-end camera, similar to the modern Nikon D7x00?

      • Protog

        Yes, the D100 is an intermediate camera. Besides, the equipment is not the issue

    • The D70 didn’t replace the D100.

    • Desirée

      And your point is…?

      • cameraclicker

        Well, I’m wondering what bride = ? And I’m wondering why she is on a couch in a funeral home, but superimposed on a cake which is hiding the couch. She is transparent/translucent in several places as is her train. So, pretty much a mess. I’m also wondering what significance Nikon D100 is to all of this. When I looked it up, Ken Rockwell’s take was that the D100 is Nikons first pass at an amateur dSLR. So, my point is, did a professional take some or all of this abomination using a camera intended for amateurs then make a Photoshop disaster and post it on their commercial Facebook page? Or, was it done by a student as part of a high school project of some sort, given a water mark or two and posted? How much are they charging for their photography?

  2. I am so confused as to what is happening in this photo.. help!

  3. I’d love to know what the bride equals.

    • mselle

      I think it’s her name – which had to be blackened out for the photo

  4. MarySmith

    I really have to know WHAT the bride thought of this image!! LOL

  5. Heather

    I love how they left the foot rest in the picture. Thank you for the laugh. Lol. 🙂

  6. HennyM

    what happened to her hand?


    She looks like she has socks on …this one really is an eye sore!

  8. Alaina

    LOL this is the most horrible thing I have ever seen!!! I can’t stop laughing!

  9. Jodes

    Good grief!!!!!!!
    What the actual fuck?!

  10. Susan

    Is she just hanging in thin air?

  11. I literately YELLED WTF when I saw this. roflmao. Thanks for a good laugh!

  12. BurninBiomass

    Waiter, there is a bride in my cake!

  13. That’s a big cake. They must have a lot of guests at their wedding….

  14. Is this to prove that D100 can go double exposure? If not, I’m confused.

  15. bubba

    well doesn’t this just take the cake!

  16. My mind when I saw this:

    weorj;soirasoisjrawoeri ?????

    I think my poor brain was trying to figure out what exactly is happening in this photo. Then it just gave up and resulted in a jumble of random letters.

  17. I can just imagine what went through the photog’s mind, “You know the more wedding junk I put in the image more wedding-y it will look! It can’t fail! Just to be doubly sure people know I know my sh*t I’ll put my amazing camera tech skills to work by showing them what camera this was shot with then all the local couples will be beating a path to my door when they see this!”.

  18. mrrabbit2502

    Canon is better. I rest my case.

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