Butt Faces

Whoever came up with this idea was obviously a little crazy. Whoever actually edited it and was pleased with the results is totally insane!

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  1. Just when I think it could not get any worse………

  2. Brownie


  3. Melissa Burke

    What would have been a pretty good photo was ruined when the faces were added…

    • Whaaa?!??! You think the faces are the only bad thing about this photo?

      • Thank you. I saw the above comment and had to re-look at this monstrosity to make sure I saw it the way I thought. How was this otherwise a pretty good photo? This isn’t even a PASSABLE photo.

  4. Oh, my goodness… That is simply horrible. Who in their right mind would think this was a good use of photoshop? Heck, why not simply put their faces completely across both cheeks?


  6. Why would you even think this was a good idea?

  7. oh no…coming to your local mall kiosk – jeans with your face or your partner’s face (or the whole family up the backside!)…the newest fashion craze? – please, no!
    I live in Turkey, the land of gimmicky, badly conceived (and poorly executed) Photoshop montages – this photo technique would be very popular here and the jeans would be a hit too! *sigh*

  8. Omg, I can’t stop laughing.

  9. What the f###!?!

  10. I totally want to put this on my wall…would love to see people’s reactions…put it in like the bathroom and people would be sitting there and thinking wait do I see? What????

  11. BurninBiomass

    Sit on my face…. you’re doing it wrong.

  12. ahahaha this is hilarious what were they thinking :L

  13. Elizabeth

    Sooo…three friends that are really proud of their butts, but their faces–not so much? I know! Lets take a giant picture of your behinds and then we’ll just stick your faces on them somewhere!

  14. TollToll


  15. This is something you do when you first learn how layers work. You screw around, try out new things and then (I guess this step was missed) realise it was a big damn mistake to past people’s faces to their asses. And most importantly you don’t throw it in your portfolio as an example of your skill.

    A lot of fauxtogs seem to miss the point of Photoshop. They learn something new in it and think because it’s the creme de la creme of editing software you have to get your money’s worth by using every single tool in it at your disposal. Fauxtogs are not graphic designers. Take a good photo, clean it up a little if you must, and then leave it the hell alone.

    • Preach on sister! Can I triple like your post???

    • Okay, I am judging a photo contest and I have several entries that are of this caliber. My co-workers are sick of hearing me yell “Just step away from the Photoshop and no one gets hurt!”
      I need to send a few submissions to you guys!

  16. NAILED IT.

    also i’m going to think about this photo every time i call my husband a buttface, now. thanks.

  17. You must admit, it’s original! 🙂

    • Original?

      Yeah… for now. Watch for the buttface trend to take over Facebook soon….

  18. NicCole

    I like that she’s looking up at the friendship bracelet. Really conveys the message of the photo, don’t you think?

  19. Mmmm, maybe if I put a pic of my butt on my face, men would look me in the eyes when speaking to me??

  20. butt is it art…?

  21. Butterface!

    (Whoa, nobody else said it?!)

  22. Bit Arsey…. LOL

  23. My 5 year old’s thoughts on this image “Hate it! Look at my butt, are there any faces on my butt? NO!”

  24. Is there a mirror in your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.

  25. FalconGTHO

    Id hit ALL of them. Repeatedly. At the same time. In the same room. WOOT~!

  26. I think this is how mug shots looked in the 19th century.

  27. Andreas Nikolakakis

    And what about if they fart?

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