Bucket Warrior

warrior lady

The warrior princes, fighting evil in construction sites all around the world!

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  1. Start by cropping that annoying shadow out of the foreground!

    • I’m hoping it’s just the blacked-out faux watermark. Even if it is just some annoying shadow that is really part of this mess, if you were to start here, where would you end? There are just so many elements of this thing that suck that by the time you eliminate them all, there would be nothing left of it.

  2. I’d say that the lovely yellow bucket is the least of the problems with this steaming pile. Just how much do these fauxs pay these ladies to appear in their creative visions? I’m really hoping she didn’t pay the faux for this utter piece of trash.

  3. This could have been an interesting costume shoot. But location location location.

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