Photoshopped bubbles? Basically never a good idea!

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  1. Smart photog – the bubbles distract your attention from the horribly ‘shopped-in blue sky.

  2. Chantal

    Pouhahahaha This is too much to take!!

  3. Nice – no need for a nose job…this fauxtog will obliterate it right off of your face for you…

  4. Bubble bleeped out noses… 🙂

  5. this honestly makes me sad. This girl is going to look back at this picture with her dad and see nothing but dumbassery

    • I was trying to decide if this was a dad/daughter, or husband/child bride that is pregnant the way his hands are so awkwardly placed around her stomach. Pretty creepy pose for a dad and his daughter.
      So in the final analysis, this fauxtog sucks at lighting, sucks at posing, and sucks at editing. I believe we have the ever-elusive trifecta here.

  6. Photographys? Is that a word. One bubble looks like a big clown nose.

  7. Yeah, of course, the bubbles add so much to the picture, we can’t see the picture anymore… But hey, that’s a good thing I guess…

  8. You have to ask yourself WHY

  9. Photographys? There is more than one Photography? What the hell is (something) Photographys?

  10. BurninBiomass

    To paraphrase Don Ho…

    Tiny bubbles (tiny bubbles)
    In the frame (in the frame)
    Make me happy (make me happy)
    Because they’re lame (because they’re lame)

  11. Elizabeth

    Forget the bubbles…why is the pose so awkward? Dad is almost trying too hard NOT to look like a pervert…and failing miserably…

  12. Hummmmmmmmmmm I can’t say much about this I one! I think it’s time the real pros come up with a new industry title, we obviously can’t be photographers or have photography businesses anymore! Everyone has turned those two words into a joke! Let’s start calling ourselves “Photographic Artists and we create photographic artistry” or maybe a totally made up word like “Pixelator creator” then when the dummies catch on and start using it we steal back the words photography and photographer!

  13. Uhm bubble shitola aside, Daddy’s hands seem kinda high on daughter’s chest….creepy.

  14. What is that, a screensaver?

  15. It almost looks like the bubbles are hiding his copping a feel. Very indecent pose.It would have been so easy to pose them in a less awkward way.

  16. Those are no photoshopped bubbles, they are Orbs. This fauxtog should become a Ghostbuster! he/ she has an incredible talent!!!

  17. cheesenode

    Even under the bubbles, there is a horrible picture. The lighting seems a bit…off to me; and yeah, the photo is a little creepy looking. I don’t think his hands are high enough to be “he’s touching her inappropriately on the chest” high, but rather are low enough to be resting on a baby bump…Yep, this totally looks like a father-daughter baby bump picture…

  18. I feel a Don Ho song coming on! “Tiny bubbles … Make me feel happy, Make me feel fine…”

  19. Mrs Woo

    What the heck. That’s all I can say.

  20. Wow. Way to completely ruin a photo. Their faces are obscured, their noses look like white flares. This is one to definitely print out and put on the mantle.

  21. Gal with a Camera

    I love bubbles too. But not in THIS case!!!! There is just no excuse for this… wow.

  22. Gal with a Camera

    PHOTOGRAPHYS! Hahahahahahahaha I cant stop laughing at that!! XD

  23. artie fufkin

    one word : FINKSTER

  24. artie fufkin

    wait, is she preggers and is this one of those overdone and silly hands over the my incestious fetus photos?

  25. Daughter, I am disappointment

  26. RachelEngel

    I love the Facebook comment, “I love bubbles”. Really? I mean there’s so much to love.

  27. browneyedgirl89

    My first thought too was “Wait… is that his daughter? Wait… she looks pregnant… are his hands on her stomach?”

  28. I’m going to give this fauxtog the benefit of the doubt and assume that the “bubbles” are meant as a watermarking mechanism. That aside, I have to agree with everyone else on here; this person needs to step away from their computer and only use it for email from this point forward!

  29. Oviously you haven’t figured out how to use bubbles, and there IS a good way to use them to say there isn’t any is very close minded, and really this site is very insulting. I’m very displeased in seeing it.

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