Brown Eyed Girl

Well done fauxtog, you made what was probably a very cute little girl look absolutely terrifying. Don’t make eye contact! She will absorb your soul.

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  1. Susan

    Why do people think ribbons and other inanimate accessories are more important than the person? And I wonder, could they not find a more flattering pose of this little girl? She looks cute, but with her face in a grimace, the photo is not very inviting.

    • A photographer

      I agree. The photo immediately goes wrong with the ambiguous facial expression. Happy? Sad? Frightened? Confused? The only thing you can do with that is make the photo worse.

      It doesn’t help that whatever she has in her hand is nearly invisible.

  2. Demon: What an excellent day for an exorcism.
    Father Damien Karras: You would like that?
    Demon: Intensely.
    Father Damien Karras: But wouldn’t that drive you out of Regan?
    Demon: It would bring us together.
    Father Damien Karras: You and Regan?
    Demon: You and us.

  3. that’s ugly.

  4. Hidden beneath the hideous selective color is a cute girl trying to escape. There are so many other and much better editing options out there. Why do so many think that SC is still a cool thing to do?

    • It’s not helping that Wal-Mart now offers “Color Pops”

  5. sharon g

    She looks like she’s smelling a really nasty fart.

  6. LIPhotoguy


    The photographer is a dirty, and possibly cheap photoshop ho –

    Hopefully this will not be taken as a racist remark by some jackass with a chip on his shoulder.

  7. OK, I don’t “get” most of this selective coloring? I think I’ve seen cases where it worked. But most of it…what does it achieve? It makes objects stand out more than the subject. I don’t get it. Also, scary girl.

  8. bad…very bad

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