Broken Baby

I think your baby might be broken?

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  1. What the hell???

  2. Rizzo

    what the actual fuck.

  3. Peace

    Please tell me we are looking at two children side-by-side. Please.

  4. babies are bendy at the age, but that just looks like a murder scene.

  5. i honestly can’t figure out how the fauxtog managed that horrific position.

  6. iliketag

    does the baby look so peaceful because it’s /dead/!?

  7. No wait. What?

  8. Client: “I think my baby’s too long for that wagon.”
    Fauxtog: “Nahhhh, we can make it work.”

  9. This is actually disturbing!


    I’m not sure how this even works.. Not a fauxtog, that’s a fucking magician.

  11. Geno T

    Ok, the baby on the book a couple of weeks ago took a minute to figure out all the arms. This one, I give up.

  12. BurninBiomass

    It’s your new Baby* !!!

    *Some assembly acquired.

  13. Guys, GUYS…chill out. It’s only a composite.

  14. How could anyone — fauxtog or client alike — think this is an acceptable shot? Further, they evidently think it’s of publishable standard?!

    I’m not a pro, I’m not even a serious amateur, but I can tell the difference between a nice shot and child abuse.

  15. Can someone please explain wth? I’m good with puzzles but I just can’t see how they did that?

  16. Wow, this is just disturbing. Seriously!

  17. jackd

    any of you yahoos ever think the baby could have been born with a spinal deformity?

    • It’s possible, but on the same token, why take a picture that accentuates it? And then why put it in a public portfolio?

      • jackd

        Because you may not have a choice with how the deformity is. Maybe that’s the picture the parents wanted. it seems they tried to hide as much of the body as they could with that blanket, but given the position the baby is laying in, it seems difficult to come up with a decent angle to isolate the head or separate the legs from the head, and it might be in a public album (we have no idea if this is in a portfolio) because the parents were happy with it so the photographer was happy with it.

  18. poor baby…

  19. i know someone who would take photos like this, actually a few

  20. It never ceases to amaze me that the comments often drift from *bad* photography and onto baby insulting. Let’s all go to a website where we can insult other people! How great that will make us feel as we sit in our moms’ basements licking Dorito dust off our fingers and wondering how long a lump of cream cheese icing can sit on the edge of the computer desk before it’s unsafe to consume.

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