Brain Eating Baby

Looks like baby’s been eating brains again…

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  2. Kristian

    It always makes me shudder with someone has a “_____ photography” watermark on crap like this. My guess is that they don’t stay too busy.

  3. That was done by a “professional”? Looks more like something a mother like me would take randomly during the day!

  4. Wsroadrunner

    Walking Dead baby

  5. How does one come to do something like this? Babies are adorable in their natural state. Why would you do anything to the photo to take away from their original state? Oh.. a lot of red and some black crap around the edges will really make this baby pop?”

  6. BurninBiomass

    A image from Uncle Fester’s bizarre childhood.

  7. I believe zombie parents have the same rights as everyone else to have their kids photographed by professionals.

  8. This horror is probably the result of a “camera” on smartphone which is then processed in Instagram.
    I hate every aspect of it; ranging from the horrible color cast, via the over done vignetting to the bad composition and ugly facial distortion.
    It’s a horrible representation of a potentially cute baby and it definitely does not invite to hire the “photographer”.

  9. Brrrrraaaaaaiiiiinnnnnnn

  10. I have a fb “friend” who does this kind of crap, she takes crap images of her own kids constantly, then puts them on her “pro” Facebook site, theoretically to drum up business showing all her mad skillz, doesn’t seem to be doing much paid work, or any I can see, and I guess hasn’t stopped to put that together…. Hey, the images I’m posting are not getting me business…hmmmmmm… Let’s consider why not?!

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