Booger Bunny

A concept that fauxtogs just can’t seem to grasp is that not everything you take is worth throwing a watermark on and showcasing in your portfolio… Now someone get the poor bunny a tissue!

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  1. I’m not sure what’s worse, the boogers or the direct harsh on camera flash.

  2. Such a cute dress! Too bad.

  3. squirrelnut1416

    dont forget the disheveled hair and the tag sticking out a mile on the bandana thing

  4. Wsroadrunner

    Poor little girl was crying because she knew how bad the fauxtographer was.

  5. It’s too bad, because you could probably clone stamp out the shiny sections, but NickE is right. The flash ruins the whole picture.

  6. Veronica

    Ugh this just makes me want to smack the fauxtographer for doing so horrible. TMaybe they’re starting out in photography and have not grasp concept of real photography. I feel for the little girl but this photo doesn’t work at all.

  7. Timothy

    Compared to a lot of stuff we have seen here, this image is not that bad. Wipe the kids nose, add some proper lighting and move her away from the background a bit…
    I think this is one of the fauxtogs that has a chance if they seek some training.

    • melissa

      lol! Wipe her nose, don’t take Easter images of crying child, LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY…then this would be great! Easy, right?

    • so lighting, composition and model are a mess. did i understand that correctly?

    • Timothy

      I’m just saying that this particular fauxtog may actually have the ability to really learn how to create quality images.
      Henny, camera angle is pretty poor, too. I guess you could consider that part of composition.

    • Hmmm… I don’t know. The fauxtog doesn’t seem to realize that the shot is cluttered with props, too many colors, and an overly busy background. And why didn’t she hide (or at least clone out afterward) the tag on those bunny ears. Plus, snot is NEVER attractive–not even on a cute toddler!

      • Rachel

        Or better yet, why didn’t she CUT OFF the tag, like any intelligent person would do? That’s why I’m afraid that, unlike Timothy up there said, this “particular fauxtog” does NOT have the ability to “really learn how to create quality images.” If you are too dumb to wipe the kid’s nose and cut off the tag on the headband, and then STILL post the photo online, you are too dumb to learn photography skills. It takes some brain to understand.

      • Maybe she didn’t cut the tag off because she planned on returning the bunny ears after the shoot!

  8. love the tag on the ear thingy she’s wearing…

  9. The first lesson this, or any other fauxtog needs is how to be critical of their own work. This photo was taken with a popup flash camera, hence the harsh, one-sided shadow. A little piece of me dies every time I see a fauxtog using an undiffused popup. At weddings where the fautog is using a popup my partner grips my hand and says “Let it go. Put it in a bubble and let it fly away. They are getting what they paid for”

    Perhaps in the spirit of sharing knowledge and making the world a better place we could invite the fautogs who display these god awful pictures here so that they might learn from some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism?

    • There is no such thing as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism here. Just a bunch of pompous A**HOLES who think they are God’s gift to photography, when, in fact, their “glorious” shots could be as harshly criticized by those who are obviously better than them.

      • there are some pompous arseholes here, sure. I’m certain my work could be pulled to pieces too. But I am always willing to learn and improve my craft and I am always willing to mentor others.

        The photographers I have mentored have improved 10 fold by simply pointing out how they could improve their photography. I’m sure some of these fauxtogs could benefit from the same sort of mentoring (although some of them aren’t even in the ball park).

        What you see here is often a result of ignorance and a lack of understanding. Ignorance on the part of the fauxtogs and a lack of understanding by some of the posters here.

      • I think you’re right Peter, but I think a lot of it should be taken as a grain of salt. It is important to separate your work from your person. Critique of your work is not a reflection of yourself, but rather a reflection on your technical application. If one does not get critique how can one improve? I think critique can be done kindly and is extremely useful if it is constructive. I am sure any professional photographer will admit their work is never perfect and can always be improved on. 🙂

  10. Annoyed

    Um, yeah, know who this chick is. Her whole portfolio is junk. This is not NEARLY the worst shot.

  11. Veronica

    Some people aren’t good and don’t know it. Some people need to just have an eye for photography. Some people try and fail or try and succeed. Photographers do make mistakes but you don’t see those mistakes unless it’s something like this. If this “fauxtog” plans on improving their skills, they need to first understand the basics of photography. Take a class if need be to understand how important lighting.

  12. Veronica

    *how important lighting is.

  13. Denise

    Could they not wipe that child’s nose….to start with, PLEASE!

  14. I know who this is as well! LOL Her “portfolio” is horrible. Worst still, she stole her candyland theme from another photographer who is also on my FB friends list. SMH

  15. wow i agree with the first comment. the flash blowing the kid out and the nice shiner booger on her face. not the kids fault but at least as a photographer speak up

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