Boa Baby

Pink boas and pearls really scream infant, don’t they? Congrats fauxtog, this image hurts both my eyes and my soul.

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  1. If it wasnt for the overly neon looking saturating of color, the pic isnt that bad. Cute baby

    • A photographer

      Too funny Connie. Seems you can’t say any photograph is ok on here. I share your thoughts too. The actual image isn’t that bad. It’s the boa and over saturation that kills it.
      If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      • if you think this ‘isn’t that bad’ I would love to see your portfolio.

      • A photographer

        Sure thing. Send me your email Judi.

        The neon is hideous, the saturation is hideous, but the angle and actual shot is still ok. Can’t see that? Perhaps we should be asking you about your portfolio? 😀

      • So what age, exactly, is acceptable to start dressing a child to begin a career in prostitution?

    • Um … the angle, the background, the lighting from what seems to be an on-camera flash, the crop …

      I’m no professional but there’s more wrong with this picture than over-saturation.

  2. WTFF. I’m sorry but a small baby dressed like a hooker is NOT cute, adorable, or precocious. It borders on child abuse.

    • Jillian

      She is not even CLOSE to being dressed like a hooker. Get a life.

  3. Did somebody actually pay for this? OMG! What a travesty . . .

  4. Faith S.

    T-R-A-G-I-C !!!

  5. Maybe the pink was to match the hemangioma on the baby’s eyelid. Either way, based on the props, lighting and baby placement I can’t imagine anyone paying for this picture.

  6. I can’t see…OMG I CAN’T SEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Damn. I really wish we could see the original of these photos so we know who thought these ugly things were actually worthy of putting their brand on them!

  8. To get this effect simply apply 100% Saturation layer…….20 times.

  9. Why? Why? I don’t care if the baby’s dressed like a hussy or something–I mean, why this color? God!

  10. NicCole

    That poor child. They probably named her Sparkles too. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  11. Are the majority of these bad photos coming from the same gallery, or do that many people actually use that self-same font for their watermarks? If I didn’t have so little faith in the individuality of humanity, I’d be half-inclined to call bullshits on this and many others like it.

  12. Wsroadrunner


  13. Now THIS is the quintessential fauxtograph. I have seen things almost identical to this that people on Facebook just went nuts over. It really makes me worry about the rest of my species.

  14. Cranky Catholic

    More like … Bowie Baby.

  15. As a mom it disturbs me that they would put things looped around a baby’s neck…anything….I don’t care if it’s tissue paper…if its something you can’t do without put it on the floor in front of/under the infant….if they can sit put it in their hands…but not around my baby’s neck!
    Beyond that….way to go with the over saturation….might want to have that monitor recallibrated so you don’t do that again!

    • WELL said!!!! Too many “pros” are seeing photos of infants and thinking, “I can do that!” and then trying to prop a 5 day old’s head up on his or her arms!!! They have no idea how many frames it actually takes to compose that one photo in post…VERY scary…safety needs to be #1, no matter how cute people may think it looks!

  16. its lady gaga baby!

  17. Meowcate

    Vegeta, what does the scouter says about his saturation level ?

  18. I’ve had clients bring their props and I cringe a bit….it”s a bit of dimplomacy to use sparingly and stear them in a better more timeless direction…until idea of dress up is appreciated

  19. diplomacy

  20. Please pass the bleach. My eyeballs are overdue for a dunking.

  21. Hobbyist

    Wait, this is a baby??? I thought it was a porcelain doll!!! Ooops 😛

  22. Maybe her name is Lola…

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