Blurry In Black

Perhaps the fauxtog tripped and dropped the camera to get this shot?

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  1. But they are all definitely professional models

  2. Whoa… it’s so smexy my vision is blurry!

  3. A photographer

    I guess you don’t want that scraped up bumper too visible.

  4. BurningBiomass

    Blurry is slimming.

    • i don’t get the gold and tan colored shoes with the black outfits…

      • and i was wondering why the comment box was in the middle of the comments… i guess i need sleep. maybe the photo is not blurry at all, maybe it’s a problem with my eyes.

  5. is there a “your not a model” site?

    • To perhaps a “you’re” not a model site. Still, the photos job is to take good photos. You can’t blame the model for being blurry. Unless he/she is a ghost. Then go ahead.

      • Josh, it’s not that they’re blurry, it’s that they’re just slumping, not trying, and are generally not good to look at. Crappy “models” or probably just 3 very average girls he found walking down the street. Not photo material.

    • Damn, I accidentally gave you a thumbs up, Koba. That was unintentional.

  6. That there is Art! lol

  7. Hanimex Omelette

    They move so fast, they’re a blur even standing still!

  8. Perhaps the fauxtog also only has one foot like the unfortunate model up front. It’s hard to hold the camera steady when you’re balancing one one foot.

  9. Hate to be the one to ask, but where is the evidence that this is the work of a Fauxtog? Could just be an ordinary Joe’s Facebook pic….

    • That is such a solid point. My Facebook friends are always posing people around cars for snapshots.

    • You have a point, what with the lack of watermark or unobscured Facebook ‘X Photography’ page title. I might be grasping, though, but the poster’s icon does seem to hint at least some interest in photography. (Same three women in black sitting for a portrait?)

      Would like clearer indications this is a fauxtog and not someone messing around.

  10. AbsyntheGreene

    Just love the bright blue dumpster in the background.

  11. wait, I’ve definitely seen images where the focus is just off, but is there actually a focus ANYWHERE in this image? It’s like a puzzle.

  12. Photography like this makes me believe my son (whose experience so far is mostly stealing my camera when it is already set up and clicking some exposures before handing it back) could start a professional photography business any day! When I switched to back button focusing he didn’t even ask questions and somehow managed to accidentally get the subject in focus anyhow!

  13. No focus – no direction given to the models… and the front model’s left leg is missing in action. Learn Exposure, Focus and Depth of Field before you publish a photo to the web… please.

  14. Insanehmong

    OMG SMH CTFU LMAO <<< all those apply

  15. It looks horrible. But is this taken by someone who pretends to know what he/she is doing, or is it just a snapshot by Joe Public. If the latter, then it’s not cool to mock it.

  16. Alpha

    I’m glad it’s blurred ….

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