Blurry Badness

burry badness

Such a great way to take pregnancy photos if you’re part of the witness protection program! Oh wait no, even then it’d still be awful in every way.

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  1. Christina

    Whaaaaa? What the hello IS that?

  2. the worst one yet.

  3. cameraclicker

    Gaussian blur with one mask then spot colour with another mask! Clearly a solid demonstration of their artistic and editing prowess!
    If this is representative of their page, how do they get paying customers so they can be considered professional?

  4. Beyond Awful!!!

  5. But….but even the bits that AREN’T supposed to be blurry are blurry. I suppose most of us in our photography infancy have tried the old Photoshop trick of putting in artificial bokeh to make the subject, which we half-assed bothered to focus correctly, appear sharper. Then again, many of us probably took more than a day or two of practice as kids to learn to colour inside the lines.

    I wonder if this photo is hanging up on somebody’s mother’s refrigerator? I wonder if somebody’s mother stared at it for a few moments, then turned it left, right and upside down, and all the while trying to hide their profound confusion said the the ‘tog “So….tell me about this picture.”

    • While I have been guilty of adding an artificial bokeh from time to time, I always started with a picture that was in focus first. Even in my infancy, I knew when to cut an image loose as unusable. And a few of them were hard to do that, since otherwise they would have been quite nice.

      I have taken a SLIGHTLY out of focus picture, made it black and white so as to increase the contrast and clarity enough to hide some of the focus issues. But that’s when it’s only slightly off. I can’t imagine taking something like this, where you can’t hardly see fingernails on the hands which are the focus of the picture, and trying to do anything to make it better.

  6. I threw up.

  7. I don’t know who to be ticked off with more. Should I be ticked at the “photographer” who thinks this is rocking and has the bloody nerve to hand it off to someone, and to show it to the world? Or should I be ticked with the customer who thinks this is “amazing” (or do they)? I would rather look at what Karin S chucked up than this train wreck again.

  8. JenitaMae

    So happy you posted this!! When I saw it I could not believe what I was seeing!

  9. Noamsayin

    OK, now i KNOW you guys at YANAP are making this stuff up.

    • JenitaMae

      Definitely not making this up unfortunately! I sent this one in, it popped up on my newsfeed!

  10. I bet this was part of a $20 mini session with a full disc of edits, along with an 8×10, (2) 5×7’s and a set of wallets. Bargain!!

  11. wow, taking “different” on whole new level!

  12. “Surrealist Pregnancy Photography Agency, how can we help you? You want a shoot done? You want to challenge the notion of conformist beauty in mothers to be by not showing the parents faces and just the baby to be? Hmm, well we do charge around $10k a sitting. You can’t afford that? Well tell you what, here’s the number of my aunt’s, sister’s best friend, he does photography on the side he’ll probably be able to fuck it up so badly it will look like one of our surreal fine-art prints gone badly wrong and he’ll only charge you 40 bucks! Bye now!”

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