Blurry Baby

blurry baby

Photos don’t actually have to be in focus or anything, you should definitely throw your watermark on this baby and post it!

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  1. yeah – no excuse. Blurry = instant delete, yo. STOP THE INSANITY.

  2. yeah – no excuse. Blurry = instant delete, yo. one micron out of focus = delete…STOP THE INSANITY.

  3. I’m not sure if I’m seeing this right because of the blur, but did this kid just fart a rainbow? Ok, kidding aside, this is just another example of typical faux reaction to what even he/she knows to be a pile of dog poop. They figure that a little selective colour (or I guess you could call this a lot of selective colour if that makes sense), will magically turn dog poop into diamonds. Nope, not even cubic zirconia. Just how in the heck did this faux miss focus? Even if using the camera on full auto, it should have picked up on the kid an not the grass. And then of course, the ultimate mistake, POSTING IT. Slick dude (or dude-ette), real slick.

    • Accidentally knocked the AF/MF switch and has no idea where the hell the switch is! Ha!

      • Very possible. Most fauxs don’t know what all the dials and dohickeys on a camera are for. They think all they have to do is turn the zoom dial and press a button to take a pic. I dare say that for many of these people, if they were to hand us their camera for two minutes, we’d be able to change settings and menu selections to the point they’d never find their way back, hence render the camera useless to them.

  4. Grey grass? How depressing.
    And yes, it’s out of focus, delete it. Kid is not even doing anything particularly cute. I’ve a few in my home album that I’ve kept despite them being a bit blurry as they are the only record of a special event. But otherwise I just delete. Do not publish, even to friends on Facebook. Especially if you are trying to persuade peple that you are a photographer.

  5. blurry is a bit harsh, the grass behind the kid is in focus!

    • Yeah, for all we know that’s what the faux was going for…highlighting the grass and the kid was just in the way.

  6. Spike Page

    If the ‘tog was indeed shooting a portrait…would it not have been prudent (even before botching the focus) to rake away the leaves in the grass and give the baby some other prop besides a sippy-cup?

  7. Everyone messes up on a photograph. Even the pros mess up. The key is to delete the mess-ups and keep the good shots. They are called keepers for a reason.

    • Yes, like I said, the ultimate mistake is actually posting this shot. Garbage cans were invented for a good reason. There just had to be another shot that was better than this. Or maybe the faux did not bother looking at the lcd on the back to ensure it was a keeper and then he/she tried to salvage it as he/she did. Just dump it. Better no pic than a disaster.

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