Blurry Baby Bump Boudoir

This photo has all the right elements! Selective coloring, blur, unnecessary nudity and of course a wrinkled backdrop.

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  1. tphoto

    The Fauxtog Trifecta

  2. vonnie

    Why why why why why why why why why WHY????????

  3. Becky Teacutter

    Hey, I have a sofa pillow just like the one peaking out behind the wrinkled backdrop in the lower right of this fauxto!

  4. speedy

    It hurts my eyes to look. Why so blurry?

  5. Grimoire

    The only thing this is missing is some bad clip art.

  6. It needs their names in graffiti-esque font.

  7. I particularly like the art-deco pillow off in the lower right side… is that a bed? Maybe a little fun after this shot.
    The title of the next shot:
    “How Baby Was Created”

  8. Susan

    What – no bokeh?

  9. ithurtswhenipee

    That’s not “blur”, its called out of focus.

  10. FalconGTHO

    And the ethnic angle covered as well. What up, ese.

    • Boo.

    • This is not even necessary! It’s not funny and quite disrespectful! Stick to the photos.

      • FalconGTHO

        Lol, w/e. It passed “moderation muster” so aim your fake indignation elsewhere. Ive said it before, so many of these crap pics have “ethnic” subjects, there HAS to be a connection. I dont think its ALL the from the mind of the fauxtog.

      • Third Eye View

        FalconGTHO: what does the ethnicity of the model have to do with the fauxtographer’s crappy work? you’re an idiot dude v v

      • FalconGTHO

        They are “customers” and as Ive said before I think a lot of these silly posings are a result of “customers” demands. The poor photographic excution and lack of skills present IS a product of the fauxtog but unless and until proven otherwsie, I insist that these inane posings such as this with the “unnecessary nudity” or the “Assume the postion” twat pistol pose are what the “customers” told the fauxtog they wanted. Connect tha dotz.

      • Falcon, you may be on the wrong website!

  11. Fauxtog is nervous around naked people. Could explain the blurriness

  12. Emma Holton

    ….Where’s the lens flare??? Don’t all great super professional photographers use lens flare???

  13. Kelli

    I’d be pissed if this was my maternity pics! And if I’d have taken this pic I’d have marked it for deletion…not spot color and certainly not to mark with a copyright!

  14. Timothy

    I don’t know, I think it may be a touch out of focus; anyone else see that?

  15. Meowcate

    Old photos have sepia, vignetting, faded colors… in the future, old photos will be blurry and spot color.

  16. Wsroadrunner

    Wrong on all levels

  17. Don’t forget front flash!

  18. Henny

    is that a toy box on the lower right of the couple?

  19. Frankie

    *Bangs head against wall.
    Do people taking photos these days even have a vision. Seriously, “lets pose em, shoot em and hope for the best” mentality.
    If this is what we can expect for the future – a mindless “blur” of non originality, then I guess this little faux industry will hopefully implode on itself.

    I am guessing, for the true professional lifting that bar higher to keep ahead becomes less of a challenge as it was once amoungst ones peers, especially with what is being shoved in peoples faces at the moment.
    It should be “what I see in my mind, is the vision I want you to see in print”
    So over it!

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