Blur Tool Abuse

Fauxtogs are everywhere, even on Amazon abusing the blur tool.

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  1. I highly doubt that it was the fauxtog in this one. What happens is the Store site will get source material from the manufacturer. the web specialists in the marketing department probably felt the BG didn’t feature and used the blur tool with their minimal Web Editing Photoshop skills.

  2. unclebob

    That was not using a blur tool in photoshop. The photographer used a Tilt shift lens.

  3. I dont think its TS, i think it is a blur thing.

    You can get a closer look here!

    • Yep, fauxtographer forgot to blur bit of the stand, just on the left from the bed.

  4. You can’t pin this on the photographer; this was probably done by a graphic artist after photos had been submitted.

    Now you are treading on Photoshop Disasters turf … keep true to your theme!

  5. Makes sense, they have blurred out the stuff they are not selling as to not distract the buyer from the item advertised. Fail, YANAP.

    • so the way to successfully market bedding is to make the room blurry and disorienting to the consumer – yeah, buy this amazing comforter, it will make your room spin!
      no – this is not a good idea in any business sense… consumers are not stupid – if you know it’s a comforter then you should be seeing it in a bedroom…we do not need to have the photo “dumbed down” for us to get that’s what they’re selling!
      it’s a poorly done, unnecessary use of the blur tool – a tool that should be not be used 95% of the time.
      Fauxtog/photo editor/marketing fail!

      • Anonymous

        How is is fauxtography? The photo is technically sound!

  6. Anonymous

    if this was a fauxtographers photo the lighting would be shit, the composition would suck and the subject would be out of focus. what we have here is simply a website trying to be cool with skills they dont have.

  7. Anonymous

    Ok seriously? It’s come to attacking photos on amazon now? They are selling a product, which is the comforter. They blur all else save the bed. When you look at the photo the first time with out hearing about blue abuse, what exaclty do you look at? THE COMFORTER. Which is exactly what they intended. This has nothing to do with fauxtography, the lighting’s great, white balance is spot on, composition is good, not to mention all the props are prepared to make an overall great photo. It’s called marketing.

  8. Kidding right?

    Really? You put this on your site? Weak.

    So what if they used the blur tool to highlight the item in question, no one paid to have this image hung on their wall… fact, I can’t even believe I’m here commenting on this…

    Clutching at straws YANAP, not a good look.

  9. Anonymous

    Agreed with this not being a case of poor photography…however….am I the only one who thinks the bed looks miniature? Something from a dollhouse perhaps lol?

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