Blur House

I admit, it must have taken some work to take a picture this blurry! I imagine the fauxtographer jumping off a high fence and snapping this beauty before he hit the ground. Or maybe he just applied a crappy after effect in which case it’s just bad.

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  1. A photographer

    Wow, don’t rush into real estate photography…

  2. that is just … there’s no words…that’s how bad this is…

  3. hmmm, it is a haunted house and the ghost got between the house and the camera?

  4. lol with the picture of a cat as the profile. Figures.

  5. I don’t know how someone can look at this and say “this is good, I’ll post this on my profile”. You can use the softness tool to an extent…and they took it wayyy beyond any extent.

  6. Robert

    What are you people complaining about? It’s a perfectly sharp photo of a naturally blurry building.

  7. You know how sometimes a picture will load blurry and then sharpen as the page finishes loading? I sat there for about 20 seconds waiting for it to finish loading before I realized it was actually that blurry.

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Did they take it from the window of a high speed train at night?

  9. almost looks like a camera obscura image….ALMOST! Even they are usually in focus!

  10. Rhinda

    Must of been taken with a tilt SHIT lens

  11. Oh come on now – you guys doctored this! Not even a blind, one-eyed monkey could think this was good enough to post on FB – even if you didn’t think you were a photographer! PLEASE tell me this isn’t really the image that was posted . . . . . .no . . . . . .noo . . . . . .noooooooooooooo . . . . . . . . (sound of camera falling from hand and hitting floor, lens breaking, and me passing out and following camera to floor)

  12. I don’t see what the fuss is about. Surely you can see the headless horseman – great focuson him and good depth of field on the horse too – good job!!

  13. Trying to think positive…maybe they were trying to put together a background photo that they could PS in behind a person(s) that may (or may not) have been in focus.

  14. I contend again that it’s difficult to call this bad without seeing their other work. It could be on purposeā€”it almost looks like a watercolor with this effect, and it has a “haunted house” feel, too. If they took other quality photos and had this in the portfolio along with it, I’d say it’s cool. If everything they have is mediocre, then it’s more clear that they just don’t know what they’re doing.

    • Obvious grasping at straws is obvious :p

    • Derpface

      What the hell is wrong with you? And with this person who thinks this is an acceptable photo?

    • Normally I’m willing to give the people who have work posted here a fair break…but this is not one of those times.

      Even if it is “watercolor” or paint effect in PS – anyone should be able to look at this and say it is a POS.

  15. Angela

    Defending the indefensible … that sounds like a pointless effort.

  16. I was wondering why this pic was taking so long to load. Then I read the comments about it being blurry and realised “oh it’s already loaded…WTF! Stupid fauxtog!”

  17. Actually, I like this one. Looks like a video still. Kinda Blair Witch or Videodrome or something.

  18. Nailed it!

  19. Why would anyone post this for other people to see?

  20. The Fall of the House of Usher…

    Eh, this is weird and bad, and the photographer should feel bad.

  21. Gelatin

    This is so creative

  22. Meanwhile, in Bokehstan…..

  23. Someone

    Kinda looks like pinhole camera

  24. Avaviel

    Compared to everything else on this website, this isn’t that bad.

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