Blue Skin Baby


Take that kid inside! She’s so cold her skin is turning blue!

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  1. One of my major carps. Memory colours fauxs, memory colours. It is ingrained into our dna what colours certain things ought to be. Close is fine but grass should not be blue and the sky should not be green. And people should not (if alive) be blue. Unless you’re an abstract painter, stop messing around with memory colours or go back to flipping burgers.

  2. It looks like that picture almost everybody takes when they first get a camera with WB settings…you know the one where you follow the kids out the back door but forget to switch from “tungsten” to “daylight”?

    • Or, the camera is set to AWB and sees all that pink and compensates with a load of cyan. Or, the “photographer” deliberately used some funky filter because he/she loves this “effect”. Regardless, it’s a major fail. I know some people think “capturing a special moment” overrides technical issues but is it really so hard to give the kid pink skin and not lop off her toes? No, no it isn’t. Unless you’re a faux.

  3. Grackle

    Kid looks really pissed off, or perhaps just really skeptical about the photog’s skill. Clearly a wise child.

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