Blinding Blue

You need sunglasses to really see this one. But even with them on, it still looks horrible.

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  1. Meh, not that bad.

    • Are you color blind? Not to mention the hideous lighting, awkward pose, etc.. etc….

    • Yep, it’s fine. Until you get to that watermark in the corner and realize this is someone saying they’re a professional, not someone playing around with a snapshot.

    • BurninBiomass

      Yea, its not so bad… if your making a print for a comic book.

  2. Wouldn’t have been that bad without the bad post-processing.

  3. Not that bad?! It’s awful.

  4. is that a rainbow on his shoulder? if so where is the pot of gold? and why is the leprechaun in blue not green? ok maybe it just one of those “touched by an angle” motifs by a fauxtographer

  5. I hate these generic editing filters.

  6. Virginia

    It’s like that old 80s song “Electric Blue.”

  7. ithurtswhenipee

    I prefer a blindfold to view this.

  8. bandidog

    OW! my retina`s are burning.

  9. Yikes….from the harsh lighting to the skin tones to the over saturated glow effect any kid with a smart phone can do….I can’t believe people find this except able and catalyst pay for this work.

  10. wrong on SO many levels!!!

  11. I’m not sure why this blown-out, over-saturated style is fashionable now because it looks wrong. You lose all the detail in the faces, and surely the vests and grass are NOT the most important aspects of the photo.

  12. A photographer

    Ever notice when you crank “saturation” up all the way that people look like they have painful sunburns and things that should look white look any other color but white? In fact the only things that look white are the blown out spots that came from not knowing how to pose your subjects in the harsh sunlight. I like how part of the left guy’s head is missing.

  13. at least the fauxtog kept the original vibrant orange skin tones of these two find young oompa loompas

  14. Maybe they just need a new monitor. They’re wacking up the saturation slider to compensate for the fact that their monitor is 15 years old and can’t output colors like it used to.

    • A photographer

      Of course if you want to do good photography, you should keep your monitor calibrated. You should know it’s messed up once you print something. Of course fauxtographers NEVER print anything.

  15. Ick! Looking at this for any extended time actually makes me feel sick. It’s just way to bright and saturated to be viewed comfortably. :-S

  16. Easter vomit coloring aside, how about hands in pockets and partially cut off. Don’t cut off the hands unless you’re going to cut the arms at the elbows.

  17. The dude on the left got a halo… how dare you make fun of someone with a halo??? 😉

  18. Melinda

    I want to try to save some people from a lot of grief and backlash here, and possibly try to educate. Yes, all photographs posted on YANAP ARE that bad, otherwise they wouldn’t be posted here. “You are not a photographer” is a pretty BOLD statement, and I’m pretty sure the admins of this page don’t look at ANY featured photo here and think “It’s not that bad, but we will post it anyway so that others can see it’s not that bad, and question whether it belongs here or not”. NOPE, it belongs here for many many reasons, but mostly because it is horribly technically wrong in every way. It’s hideous, and this person should NOT be calling themselves a professional and taking money for their “work”.

  19. I’m not sure what’s better… the photos this website posts or some of the comments thinking these examples aren’t that bad.

  20. Bleeding Cowboys!

  21. AdriftZealot

    If I see the font Bleeding Cowboys for a watermark one more time, I’ll probably go hysterical.

  22. I tried putting on my 3D glasses for this one, but no go. Therefore, I conclude it is just a bad photo.

  23. Pelham

    For all of you that hate the pesky bleeding cowboys font…seems like they REALLY hate it in Calgary, Alberta!

    And as for the shot, I can say nothing that hasn’t yet been said. *sigh*….

  24. Oh Bloooomin’ heck!!

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