Blanket Head

Yep, that’s worth putting in your profile for sure!

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  1. Wow, the photographer put a logo on this, great job, total keeper!

  2. LOL…. I thought I have seen it all….

  3. Ernie A.

    Are you effing kidding?

  4. Eliza

    I think the person might be breastfeeding, maybe they were trying to make a statement?

    • Gal with a Camera

      PERSON?!? I hope it’s a WOMAN if they’re breastfeeding. 😉

      • Are you trying to say that women aren’t people? Sexist!

    • It is an awful picture. It looks like some perv stalker taking a picture of a women who already looks uncomfortable breastfeeding in public.

  5. Cindy Cummings

    The sad thing is the focus on this one seems to be good and and the exposure and if it wasn’t for the blanket on the head it would be a good picture.

  6. Jimbo

    Didn’t realize homeless people had facebook pages.

  7. Foil Gamma

    Its a superb photo for arab Rah!

  8. NZ photographer

    Im not quiet sure what to say…

  9. Wow, an awe inspiring picture…. I especially love the sign halfway up the hill

  10. It might be a photo of a woman breast feeding. Still, a monumentally awful depiction of that. This image makes breast feeding look like a crime that requires a surveillance photo.

    • Sherry

      I agree. looks like she is nursing, I think I see the shape of a baby. Breast feeding should not be covered up like this. Not to mention it seems kind of creepy taken from really far away.

      Horrible picture to be used as a professional picture….

    • Melissa R.

      heehee…”might be.” That’s a given! 🙂

  11. I think they were showing off the sword.

  12. James

    This is the kind of thing I’d snap with my phone and post on Facebook as a “hey guys look what I saw in the park” kind of photo, then immediately wonder whether it was even worth it.

  13. BurninBiomass

    Wait… is that Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin!?!?!?!
    Good Grief.

  14. No way should this be a “portfolio” shot…

    My first impression was that it is a woman breast feeding a baby or child. The blanket is over her head because she either a) is just positioning it or b) blown up by wind. Both of which happened to my wife on numerous occasions.

    PGB said it right – it makes breast feeding look like a crime.

  15. Susan

    Reminds me of a photo I saw recently … a middle eastern guy snapping a typical tourist shot of five women all lined up in front of some tourist attraction – and they all were wearing burkas so you couldn’t even see their faces. What’s the point?
    If, as someone suggested, this shot is a mother breastfeeding. that doesn’t explain why her head is also covered. Weird.

    • Carrie

      Yes it does, with the blanket covering just the body, mom can’t see the baby to get him/her to latch on right. If she uses her free hand to hold the blanket back and bit so she can see, then she won’t have a hand free to position the breast and baby together. If people weren’t such prudes, then she could have just breastfed without the blanket, and baby and she would have been happy. My second youngest son HATED to be covered up while eating. Anytime I did cover him, I had to have my face under the blanket so he could see me and talk to me. Who knows? Maybe it’s the same way with her and her baby.

      • Melissa R.

        Yeah. All my friends who breastfed seemed to have nice discreet little nursers. Mine would make a raquet and pull-off suddenly, exposing me to strangers. I all but had to cover up like this to get them to latch on. Sigh…don’t miss that! Doesn’t quite explain this pic, however…unless it was part of a series, like “A Day in the Life Of…”

    • Jessica

      She’s probably just talking to the baby.

  16. Looks like she just wanted to see her child eat … but my real problem with this picture is how bady framed and cropped it is … as wide open as it is on the side, we don’t have to see all that mulch …

  17. Keith Brown

    Ya I think the subject recognized this as a FAUXtographer and didn’t want to be recognized

  18. Pelham

    What really bothers me more than anything is the stalkerish feel. In all likelihood, the woman has no idea that she is being snapped by some random stranger – and worse yet, having her image used to promote that complete stranger’s work. Sure, I’ve shot candids of people, but very rarely use them to promote my work. Certainly not without asking the person involved.

    • Hailey

      A lot of photographers use “street photography” in their portfolio..

      • Yes, yes they do…but it is usually a compelling image and cropped to the subject – not just a random image of someone with a blanket over their head.

      • Pelham

        Yes, and I’m one of them, and I love street photography. But if I’m getting images good enough to promote myself, I do try to get permission, and even end up selling prints in the process! Though now I am kicking myself for not having model releases for some of them as I’d love to sell them…but so long as the models are recognizable, you could be sued.

      • Hailey

        You stated “In all likelihood, the woman has no idea that she is being snapped by some random stranger – and worse yet, having her image used to promote that complete stranger’s work. Sure, I’ve shot candids of people, but very rarely use them to promote my work. Certainly not without asking the person involved.”
        So that is what I was responding to. Whether the picture is good or bad was irrelevant to my response.

  19. Jennifer

    I am so confused.

  20. Gal with a Camera

    LoL!!!! Just… WHY?!

  21. So….do you need a model release for a picture like this???

    Not that I can think of a reason why anyone would take a shot like this and say “wow! What a great shot. I better get a release so I can SELL IT!”

    • Depends on what the usage is – Just to take the photo – no you do not need a model release.

      To use it in advertising – ex; Coke or blanket ad – then the person or firm using it would need to obtain a release.

      To use it in a portfolio – it depends. Some states yes, others no.

      To use it and sell it as “ART” – No…not required in most states.

      • Dave, I’d like to tweak your model release analysis. Because you can’t recognize the (likely) woman (she’s completely unidentifiable), and because the awful photo was taken in public, if someone (not a very bright someone) wanted to use this in advertising, he/she could without a release. Of course, the photog could also use it in his/her portfolio without worrying about a suit. Without further research (to refresh my previous studies), I would refrain from selling a photo with a recognizable person as art without a model release, but again, here the subject cannot be made out.

  22. Audrey

    As someone who has breastfeed anywhere and everywhere, this creeps me out! I’m someone who always wanted to be 100% covered and I’m sure has been seen doing this very same move while getting the baby situated. I can gaurentee this mother did NOT intend to have a photo of this taken. If she was modest enough to pull the blanket over her head…she would not allow someone to photograph her doing it.

  23. spike

    If she is indeed breast-feeding, then what’s up with this voyeur-esque wide angle shot from across the street? That’s what makes it so creepy.

  24. It’s not a picture of a person with a blanket over their head. It’s a picture of the mulch, and the person just happened to wander in and sit down and the fauxtog didn’t realize she was there. Another great shot messed up by a wandering person.

    And yes, I do agree that it looks like a woman breastfeeding…and it’s a shame to need to cover up to that extent for something so natural. My kids both hated to be covered…it was a pointless waste of time. There’s a way to nurse in public discreetly, without having to cover.

  25. Capt. Obvious

    This is all kinds of wrong. Aside from the obvious fact that this isn’t photography in a creative sense, but if I noticed someone taking pictures of my wife nursing, I’d break the lens off in their ass.

    Side note – Anyone who has breast fed or has a wife who has done so knows that the blanket over the head is normal. There are many reasons for doing it.

    • And, Capt. Obvious, I breastfed both of my children & intend to do so again with our forthcoming baby, but I really had no idea women sometimes cover their heads with a blanket until I saw this awful photo. I’d like to think that my husband would do the same (breaking & lenses & whatnot) if a photog took a photo of me breastfeeding without obtaining my permission first. …or maybe I would take care of him/her myself if I could get decent fast enough :).

      • Which in turn brings up a pretty obvious question from a photography and legal standpoint – you are breast feeding in a public place – with no expectation of privacy – therefore you are fair game (so to speak) for any street photographer.

        I’m talking purely legal – not ethically or morals or anything else –

        Public bench – public park – you’re fair game… Might want to consider that before busting someone’s camera.

  26. OK, so…the impression this gives me is that the woman saw the faux pointing a camera at her and responded by pulling her cover-up over her head. If true, then why would the person take the shot? And upon taking it, why would they post it, as the resulting image is of a person with a towel over their head? I’m all kinds of confused.

    As for purposefully covering your face…I can see doing it if it’s cold out or something, although that doesn’t quite appear to be true here. I know someone who breastfeeds around the family and all and doesn’t cover her face, although that’d be rude, anyway. So let’s say she’s doing it on purpose. What was the faux’s thought process? Is she taking it because it’s a “beautiful, natural” act, even though it can’t be seen, rendering it pointless? Is she taking it because she thought the woman looked funny with a towel over her head? (That’s the only reason I can respect.)

  27. Reminds me of that Mars Volta album cover for “Frances the Mute”.

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