Black White And Pink

The bubblegum pink lips on the child are a great touch and the pink lines bleeding into the child’s legs certainly adds something special to the image as well!

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  1. hurts my eyes

  2. How in the world could even think this looks good?! A perfect case of “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should!”

  3. Meeshybee

    Is that…. a roll of pink duct tape she’s holding? Are she and the fauxtog planning something nefarious for the beautiful little girl?

    Someone call Child Services!

  4. Bernard Rentajag

    What in the holy name of fuck is this? It’s messing with my head and I’m now seeing pink spots where there aren’t any.

    Can we have an update when people start leaving comments?

  5. And so it was proofen that when you are drunk and alone on a Saturday evening you should not only not be texting, you should also leave Photoshop alone…

  6. George Kremer

    Reminds me of hairless cats and decaf coffee, yes, they exist, but that does not make it right……..

  7. Ashley Taylor

    no. that is all.

  8. The idea is bad and it is poorly executed. There is no purpose to selectively coloring odd elements, and it looks as though the person could not achieve crisp edges. It would have been a cute pic had the person just left the pink out entirely. You’ve heard of Good ‘n Plenty? This is more like Bad ‘n Plenty.

    • It would still be a blurry, badly composed snapshot had the person left the pink out.

  9. Where is the pride of this photographer, I mean bad editing because of bad taste or mistake is one thing but the pink bleeding into the leg is just pure laziness.

  10. I just found out my underwater camera can do this crap in camera. UGH SO HORRIBLE.

  11. I love how beautifully the blanket was placed over the couch and how the pose perfectly accents her tear in her jeans

  12. No. God, no…

  13. Wait, is there something growing out of the couch under her arm? WTF is that?!?

  14. Forget the pink, what is the plastic boob looking thing next to the girls arm????

  15. Xeyedlyza

    Okay…all the pink crap aside…what is with the balloon (?) under mom’s arm, and could we not have straightened the blanket/home-made background over the couch? And the duct tape? I don’t get it… Maybe the fauxtog HAD to put the inexplicable pink highlights in there to distract us from whatever the hell is going on in the rest of the composition? Again, I just. Don’t. Get. It.

  16. An absolutely gorgeous woman and adorable girl made hideous by bad photography and spot color. Just sad. I don’t think the thing is duct tape, but I’m not sure what it is, either… looks almost like a collapsed Japanese paper lantern, which makes no sense… child’s tambourine? No idea….

    Just wow… I can think of so many cute, loving poses to put the two in and someone comes up with this? The little girl looks SAD.

  17. Horrendous! Luckily it seems she’s deleted this one, but there is plenty more. Having said that there are one or two shoots that aren’t that badly done…

  18. artie fufkin

    I’d like to see her in a Penthouse nude shot and see how far this concept can go

  19. Gal with a Camera

    What is the mom holding?

  20. LookingGlass

    I thought the mom was holding what looks like a little girl’s purse, but if you see the little girl is holding what looks like a stick that could be connected to it, so it could also be a twist or spin hand drum.

    The pink thing on the blanket is actually a pattern. It might have been light pink originally, then it was brought into the neon range in software, so much so that you can actually see bleed-off onto the legs.

    The balloon – no clue, and who knows what is hiding under the folded blanket.

  21. Oh heck, is that Casey Anthony?

  22. TigersEye

    The dent in the tool box really makes this photo. 8)

  23. I can only think that the fauxtographer was just hoping this photo would be featured on your site. There’s absolutely no other reason for this abomination …

  24. pink teeth? she should really get those bleeding gums looked at.

  25. How can anyone think this looks good?

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