Black Aura

The secret evil emanating from this child is only visible when she walks in water, or when fauxtogs take her picture.

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  1. Faith S.

    She sees dead people!

  2. Lindsay

    *insert xfiles music here*

  3. This is just more “creepy” than “bad.”

  4. I love this website, I truly do. Each and every day it makes me ask “what on the hell are people thinking?”

  5. It’s just a giant teddy bear sneaking up behind her

  6. FalconGTHO

    Looks like shes about to drop her “drawers” and take a leak…or a dump…wtf?

    • That’s what I thought, too. Somebody about to take a leak in the lake. Why photograph this?

  7. BurninBiomass

    Run little girl! Thats the same monster that killed Tasha Yar!!!

  8. Aubrey

    So much potential… wasted.

  9. NicCole

    After a standard soul-smear, we saw she was pure evil.

  10. I think my major concern here is the blown out highlights and over darkened shadows.

  11. Lindsey

    I think she’s peeing oil.

  12. Billiam

    I actually kind of like this shot. It would be nicer if the full reflection was in frame. I think this means I am a fauxtographer.

  13. Come on guys…
    This fauxtog was CLEARLY using their art to make a stand against BP and the oil spill……

  14. Jimbledon

    I may be about to reveal my photographic ignorance here, but I think this is a half-decent shot – it just evokes completely the wrong emotions. Unless a sense of dread, foreboding and imminent grisly death were what the snapper was aiming for.

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