Big Shoes

That’s one huge pair of shoes.

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  1. Hahaha…that looks like something my boss would make!

  2. there’s shoes in this picture???!!! XD

  3. The big shoes are to make the big bride look smaller

    • Seriously, while the picture is horrible, there is no need to call out the poor bride- she isn’t the one with poor choice in editing, and she did her part by looking beautiful on her day.

      • Yeah, fair point. But part of the problem is the less than flattering posing. Also a sign of a “photographer” who isn’t particularly good

  4. I would have actually liked to have seen the shoes…If you’re going to center your photo collage around the shoes, why are you covering them up??? Not to mention those photos were SO wrong to put together like that!

  5. The way the bride’s face has been stretched to make her look even fatter…

  6. 1 of 11…oh dear God!

  7. She is a beautiful bride and looks so happy. I don’t understand how this goes from commenting on a photographer’s skill level to the way someone looks. Not everyone can be a size 2.

    • Who’s want a size 2 anyway? My wife is a larger girl, and she’s beautiful.
      Those photos of this bride, however, are not.

      • hey, not criticising, just saying she doesn’t need any extra stretching. Same as if someone has scars on their face, you don’t try to highlight them. Looks like a lovely happy girl that day (won’t be when she gets her pics though).

      • Yeah, because scars are WRETCHED. Let’s airbrush that all out. I had someone airbrush out the feeding tubes in my son’s nose when he was born, and it bothered me so much…that was NOT my son. My daughter has a scar on her face and it makes her who she is…it reminds us of a whisker. Photos are supposed to be memories of life as it is, not how some photographer wants it to be. I want to look like me when a photo is taken, not someone else.

  8. no doubt we can’t all be a size two (eww i would not want to be) however the upper right photo that is faded, also looks distorted, the lower right one has “patchy” editing (or lack thereof) on her neck and i would LOVE to see the shoes……i can’t find anything RIGHT with the photo other than the bride is happy and i love the colors in her flowers 🙂

  9. What a mess.

    And ditto on the clowns criticizing the bride.

  10. I love the way the pearl necklace coming from under her dress looks like she is dropping huge frogspawn… :/

  11. It just simply doesn’t make any sense!!!!

  12. I commend everyone that stood up for the bride – she looks happy and is a beautiful woman. That’s where the compliments end – brides that hire a fauxtographer are the ones that waste every studio’s time until they find the cheapest photographer in town.

    I don’t even blame the fauxtographers at all actually – if people stretched open their wallets instead of bargain hunting, the fauxtographers would soon discover that they either need to improve or stop shooting.

  13. Armchairhero

    I’d be prepared to believe that maybe the shoes are an odd sort of centrepiece because they hold some sort of particular significance, buuuuuuut…

    The edge of the squashed photo in the top right can be seen in the face on the bottom right.
    That’s just sloppy. Never mind the rest.

  14. A very beautiful bride, screwed by someone who claimed to be a photographer. There is bad editing, bad composition and bad photos on this one… the one image looks like it was stretched to make it fit the space he had allocated for it.

    The thing is that the clients who buy this crap don’t want to be educated they want cheap and say that’s all they can afford. Just last week I was talking with a bride – her wedding was coming up and she wanted a photographer – Her two requirements – lots of photos and cheap. I hope she got a few good ones out of the deal.

  15. Susan Hoffman

    Maybe she’s marrying the shoes. At least they have been given that degree of prominence in the photo. The pasted cut-outs with oversized articles remind me of those Russian wedding pics. Just a bad idea. I agree, the bride looks happy but it’s probably the groom – not the shoes – putting her in that mood.

  16. Whew! Everyone relax. It is only a “sneak peek”, so the editing is obviously not complete. Fauxtog just needed to get a few shots released to stroke her ego.

  17. Nice choice of opacity in the top right… huh?

  18. For those wondering about the shoes as a centrepiece, a woman’s shoes have very much become an expression of her personality … and very much an integral piece of the wedding ensemble.

    If you aren’t asking the bride if she wants a shot of her shoes, you’re missing out on a very key memory of that day for her.

    Me? I intend on wearing Badgley Mischka on my wedding day.

    • Shoes that can’t be seen under the long dress are a centerpiece? OK.

      Shoes like that would be a “key memory” all right – a memory of *pain*. In the remote chance I were to get married, I’d be wearing those lacy hightop sneakers – if I’m going to stand around for hours, I want to be comfortable, and if you do happen to get a peek, well, they’re lacy.

      • Just because it isn’t important to YOU doesn’t mean it isn’t important to others.


    And nobody has mention the isolation of the HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It screams at me!!!

    • URRRRGH….I think I just threw up in my mouth

    • Yea…Nice path/masking work on the hair. Wait I’ve given too much credit. They probably didn’t use photoshop and a path is something they use to go hiking….

  20. I really hope this bride was given photos to enhance her beauty. The problem with this image is it shouldn’t be marketed as professional. It is less than gimmicky and a total mess.Why? It is over done and cluttered. If only the person putting this together could think K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) then maybe it would have looked more appealing. As it is now, it looks awful.

  21. Having never been stupid enough to get married or need wedding photo’s wouldn’t it be a good idea to REALLY check the background of the person your hiring to capture your memories. When I had senior pictures taken a stone age ago I asked for references from the photographer from people they had done photos for in the past. If you can’t come up with a couple people willing to tell you how their photos turned out hang it up.

    As for the ride,she is a bigger girl but very cute and it is a shame that her photos turned out like this…

  22. Before people get all defensive about criticizing the bride remember this: She was the one that hired this joker instead of a real photographer. I say pull no punches.

    • So, you know for sure she made the decision (because sometimes you don’t get that much say on your wedding day, I’ve noticed), people should slam her weight? Seriously? “Ok, we don’t like her photographer so all’s fair when it comes to calling her fat?” Are you dense?

  23. You get what you pay for! 🙂

  24. someone alert annie leibovitz, there’s a new sheriff in town.

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