Big Rock Seduction

Damn fauxtog, how did you make a dude laying on a rock so sexy?!

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  1. Julie

    It’s a little goofy, but the lack of decent (any?) post work is what really makes it terrible.

  2. FroggieG

    And what’s with his feet??? I see three sneakers!!!

    • There is only two – zoom in a little – the right foot is at a really painful looking angle. The combo of weeds, pants and sneaker make it look strange.

      Definitely a Senior shoot with little or no post (including cropping) done.

      Cheesy as all get out and something he’ll regret in a month or two…

  3. dodie

    A little cheesy but I’ve seen a lot worse on here, lol

  4. Dorinda

    Nothing says High School Senior like lying in a field on a rock.

  5. BurninBiomass

    *in best Paris Hilton voice* Thats hot.

    Not really though.

  6. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    That has “rawr” written all over it.

  7. Looks like straight from the 70s

  8. Capt. Obvious

    How do I contact this photographer for my own sexy photo shoot?

  9. Mostly just a bad idea… Seen far, far worse here.

  10. David

    To be honest, this sort of fauxtography is even worse than the really WTF stuff on here. This amateur snapshot stuff with a 400D by people that think it’s ‘neat’ to advertise as a photographer probably do rob a little work from people that know what they’re doing and leave clients with stuff they probably could have taken themselves.

  11. I think this fauxtog probably likes twilight

  12. Nice contrast. And by “nice”, I mean “complete and total lack of”.

  13. Longer lens; wider aperature; better light; different camera angle.

    For starters.

  14. Different time of day.

  15. Shaun

    I have a brilliant idea. How about not shooting toward sunlight without some sort of shield to keep it from reflecting off the lens.

  16. Craziness

    oh yeah!

  17. 2cents

    Is this the Napoleon Dynamite 2 promo shot. There should be a paragraph under it: “Yeah, so this is me on the first day of shooting. Just trying to get back into character after hunting Wolverines in Alaska. Gosh.:

  18. I’m pret=ty sure this is taken at quemlin park in post falls that’s cool. it’s a really pretty place to take photos

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