Big Poop

thats crap

Wow, hopefully no one steps in that pile!

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  1. Yes, because that is just so complex. Gross.

  2. Yes,yes you can. You too can accomplish the most basic task in photoshop that some people think is a miracle, taking a head and putting it onto another pic. Unfortunately, you demonstrated your talent by turning your pic into s^^t. Congratulations on your graduation. Does the lady in the pic know what a horse’s a^^ you made you out to look like?

  3. Spike Page

    I kind of wonder if the whole post was intended as sarcasm. Maybe the lady in the photo is the photographer? Who knows….though I think I would have made the sarcasm a bit less subtle and certainly not put a watermark on..unless the watermark was also a faked silly studio name. I just can’t imagine a pro or even a really bad amateur posting this.

    • I think you are right. Judging from the wording of the text, it sounds like the photographer deliberately did something stupid to illistrate something.

      It is a silly picture. Of course no one on this site ever made a silly picture. 🙂

      • I agree, it sounds like it was a joke or sarcasm. The person in charge of this site needs to get over him/herself.

  4. Its a compoSHIT, in more ways than one!

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