Big Head Groom, Little Butt Bride

skinniest bride

Awesome job fauxtog! Now he looks SO smart with that huge head and she doesn’t have to worry about a single ounce of junk in her trunk!

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  1. Was that a fisheye lens ten inches from their heads?

  2. be careful with that wide angle lens and uncontrolled post production 😀

  3. Sorry, I have nothing quippy to say. I’m too busy laughing my butt off!!!!!!
    Oh wait, I got it…. “Mr. and Mrs. Bobblehead finally tie the knot”.
    And I’m still laughing my butt off.

  4. The best thing about this is the way Mr Groom matched his hair elastic with his shirt. In fact, that’s the only positive, if you could call it that.

    I bet the bride secretly likes how skinny she looks though.

  5. theCharlieScott

    The bride may actually BE that skinny.

  6. All that work… still did’t bother to fix the carpet.

  7. The judge looks a tad like Stephen King

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