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If this is one of your best photos, I seriously don’t even want to see the rest.

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  1. BeckyBoo

    Wtf!! Really???????

  2. Well, yeah, the composition isn’t great. But look at that sky! It’s easy to get wrapped up in the feeling of a day when you take a photo. I’ve taken so many horrible pix out my car windows but I always remember what was going on that day and how I was feeling, even if they’re just snapshots. I’m not defending it as good, but I can understand why the photog likes this pic so much.

    • Mathieu Perry

      There is nothing impressive about the sky either. The clouds are very generic and the fact that the sky is the proper color should not be a revelation.

      • Frankie

        I have to agree, the sky is very generic. If I pop my head outside I could experience my own generic sky space, but meh, nothing spectacular to see. The photo is boring. Simple.

  3. Melissa

    I would not post a pic like this on my biz page, but it really isn’t a bad photo if it’s just a snapshot. The sky is beautiful. Not technically great, composition wise, but like I said, for a snapshot it’s not terrible. I’ve seen worse.

  4. Wsroadrunner

    Kittens… if you looks carefully, the clouds look like kittens. LOL

    Seriously, if my kid had taken this shot I would put it on my personal page, but I would never associate it with my business.

  5. Derpface

    At least they could crop out the cars, straighten the horizon, and delete the whole pic. Then it wouldn’t be embarrassing posting it on their “pro photography company”
    facebook page.

  6. skynigurl

    OMG…can you shoot my wedding with your camera phone??

    • My phone has a “sepia” setting, so it’s going to look really cool.

  7. Art_Student13

    ….”some of my best photos are taken with my camera phone”

    My god, this person is supposed to be a pro!? When people tell me this at work I use every scrap of will to keep from laughing in their face. While yeah..he or she did good with the sky’s color and depth…but i can still see the hood of the car.

    As a nice snapshot…its good.

    To post it on your business page and claim your cellphone cam is “good”: FAIL

  8. My husband doesn’t understand the point of this pic. I guess the point would be to show that its a nice day, but I don’t find it all that interesting.

    • Co-signed. Even if you crop out everything but the clouds, it still sucks.

  9. The cloud kind of looks like a heart with an arrow going through it. Kind of cute.

  10. I see a heart in the clouds! I’m pretty sure the theme of the photo is “I love car roofs”.

  11. Sharing photographs like this is like saying out loud EVERY THOUGHT that passes through your head: A bad idea.

  12. it’s a heart-cloud. it’s a one in a lifetime chance… *cough*

  13. It’s not that it’s a horrible pic, it’s that they posted on their business page. And if they are making that statement that some of their best is from their cell, and this is the pic they are using as an example of some of their best work? Then that can be a problem.

  14. Shannon

    Hahaha, then you obviously need to learn how to use your “real” camera. Wow. Lol.

  15. Beautiful sky my ass, this is just a horrible pic. It’s the kind of photo I’d take on a whim with my phone because I was in a “sky” mood, then look at it and think “OMG that is so dull.” The foreground is as boring as hell, who wants to look at those nasty buildings? And most phone cameras come with a basic cropping tool. Why not crop out the hood? I just don’t get it. I wouldn’t even post this photo on my personal Facebook wall, let alone my business one.

  16. That looks like MCAS New River. Also, “okay” sky, but not a great picture in general. You don’t announce that your camera phone takes some of the best pictures, and post it as a caption to something like THAT photo on your professional photography business page. /facepalm

  17. Rebecca

    I’m not saying this is a great photo but I do think the thought that the heart shaped cloud was nice to see.

  18. Shouldn’t it be “phone camera?”

  19. Kimmy B.

    i like the heart-shaped cloud. that’d be all.

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