Best of YANAP: Fall 2011

Our first “Best of” list, or should we say worst of?

We let all of you be the judge and listed some of the pictures with the most Facebook likes.

The baby in the bag trend must go.

The future of wedding photography: relatives with nice cameras. 


We’re still not decided if this a baby bump photography session or just a homeless woman on a bench.

Oh puke. I definitely could have lived without ever having to see the giant fetus again.

Oh look, there’s the cute girl living in a tree again.

Apparently you all really have a thing for baby bumps. This is another highly liked picture on Facebook.

I’m still feeling blue over this one.

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  1. the woman on the bench has to be the best(worst) it just left me spee..

  2. The creepy fetus has my vote. Others are bad; that one haunts my dreams.

  3. The reply to the photographer declining their services has got to be the most insulting/laughable thing on this list. I’d looovvveeee to see how the photos from that wedding turned out.

  4. The girl in the tree. I don’t know the thought process that came up with any part of this photo being a good idea. Also, the “good luck with your career” text. But that’s not funny, that legitimately p*sses me off. What a slap in the face. I can’t wait for her to regret her crap photos foreeeeever.

    • At least the photographer knew that the head is supposed to come out first.

  5. Scarily, the “baby in the bag” is the best of the bunch.

  6. Creepy fetus ftw.

  7. Totally the fetus. I watched a video showing Anne Geddes setting up that shot. Who is creepier ~~ the fetus or Anne?

  8. James Hamilton

    Worst was the parkbench shot. At least they didn’t shoot it from the feet side!

  9. My 2 year old son saw the pumpkin one and said “Blue baby mama, Blue Baby.” They are all creepy to me.

  10. I still don’t get why everyone assumes “good luck with your career” was a jab. Maybe they really couldn’t afford a professional photographer, some people are really just that poor. And maybe they genuinely were wishing the photog luck. Stop being so effing sensitive.

    And the woman on the bench is just bizarre.

  11. Green baby in blue pumpkins is has to be the winner.
    Cause I mean… GREEN baby?? BLUE pumpkins?? You can’t get any more ‘WHY?????” than that right there. It’s just plain… confusing! I feel so sad for the parents!

  12. FullAutoKitLensPopUpFlash

    My vote is for the fetus. Was I the only one who thought of Total Recall?
    “Open your mind… Open your MIIIIIIIINND…” ~Kuato

  13. Green baby in blue pumpkins. The woman on the bench as runner up, looks like a corpse, coroner on the way.

  14. the kid writing the name on the pregnant fupa is gross. if you’re going to take an exposed belly shot make sure you actually look pregnant and not just fat. and the “baby bump” on a bench just looks like fatty got tired walking. and the Incredible Hulk is going to rage on all of you for making fun of his first Halloween picture!

    • I thought that SAME THING!!! why in the HELL would you expose your fat flap and claim it was a baby bump?! And does the lady on the bench have no arms? or is it just me?

  15. I think that the “kid writing the name” would be sweet except that the woman just looks fat, not pregnant. Sorry, random lady. Also without the select coloring on the writing.

    The pumpkin baby made me literally laugh out loud, though.

    • it looks like she’s already given birth, not being recently pregnant… pretty sure this is an “after” photo…

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