I don’t need more convincing. I totally believe she’s a fauxtog.

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  1. I don’t know…. I think this one is kind of cute!

    • NO!
      just making it b/w doesn’t make it good. Selective color almost never looks good. Plus what is colored is way to bright and over exposed.

    • And you can’t even make out a recognizable face…epic fail!

    • the lady looks dead by her position which could been made a little better if she was holding the girls hand, but I just don’t get why they would make her lean back so uncomfortably. and the little girls hand placement is unfortunate, not to mention that the banner is off subject, and distracting. what are we supposed to believe? That she is pregnant? cause I think its already kind of obvious.

    • oh, and not to mention the green outline of grass on the poor selective coloring.

  2. Believe what? I don’t get it.

  3. You know how long this took me to get what is on the picture?

  4. I rarely comment, but I agree I couldn’t tell what it was for a minute. Odd placing of subjects. I guess my criticism would be: lose selective coloring, use rule of thirds, expose your photo properly….processing is terrible as well. Start over.

  5. For a minute there, I thought the watermark was a knife in the woman’s neck. The composition is terrible, too. I’m not sure what they were going for, but they didn’t succeed.

  6. Sweet mother of God, that’s horrifying. The mother’s body language is so dead, so blah, so ‘who the hell are these weirdos kissing my belly.’

    No discernible faces. No detectable emotion. Just so flat, so creepy, so … so …

    Please just stop the madness.

    • Agreed! And those two are sucking what life is left out of the unborn child! Exceedingly creepy!

      • You people are screwed up! Criticize the photography, not the little children IN the photos!!

  7. I guess the picture is so bad, nobody noticed the green glowing edges

  8. Must have been taken by one of those Craigslist photographers that only need exposure or images for their portfolio to promote their “business”, well buddy you got it now lol! There is sooooooo many things wrong with this image, keep trying

  9. I hate people who claim to be photographers and can’t even do simple editing that only requires you to stay in the freaking lines, didn’t we learn that in like 2nd grade with our coloring books? lol

  10. where is her face?????

  11. That poor child is about to be born to a faceless mother. Terrible selective coloring as always.. And man, the dad’s face is hidden too. There is just.. nothing good about this picture.

  12. okay here’s how you fix this photo… Don’t desaturate and spot color and don’t have the banner cover her face and find an angle that is a little more intimate and cute.

    The tree is cool, and I don’t mind her leaning up against it, but with the spot color she looks like she’s holding this weird, snakelike pose…

  13. The daughter looks like she’s either trying to coax the baby out or push it back in – add the green alien glow and it’s all too weird!

  14. I’d honestly like to know what the reaction of the subjects was when they received this photo.

  15. uh, is the little girl sticking her tongue inside the belly button or is the chin of the dude? either way horrible posing, composition, exposure, sloppy spot color and what are we supposed to “believe”?
    Sometimes I feel bad ripping apart someone’s photo – we all learn to see our own errors eventually although I’m sure others saw them long before we did…but something like this – from a “pro” is just unacceptable. Beyond the items mentioned above – not even one person is recognizable…all 3 have their faces hidden but I’m assuming that was not on purpose.

  16. … this is WEIRD!! took me a couple seconds to realize she’s leaned back on a tree…this is so bad!

  17. Matt McCarl

    Wow they did the terrible spot color and the horrible overexposure. They captured the 2 dying fads currently. Posing is awkward and the spot coloring only draws attention to this. Could have been a good idea, but poorly executed.

  18. The watermark looks like Mom got the noose- incredibly disturbing in every level- make it go away. PS- love this blog- keeps me on point lest I end up here myself.

  19. what the sh*t is going on?

  20. AdriftZealot

    This has to be a troll.

  21. You know, have you ever thought that the client demanded selective colouring? I just did a wedding where the couple demanded it, even after I insisted it was a bad option. At the end of the day, you have to please the people paying the bill

    • Susan Hoffman

      I get that, I guess, but if you’re gonna do it, do it well. The green fringe around the main subjects is because someone didn;t have a clue how to erase or mask or whatever technique they used. So the resulting image looks really bad (that green glow people were talking about).
      I also don’t get the whole pose – if they’re supposed to be listening to or kissing the baby bump, it just looks creepy to me.

    • really? did the client insist on bad exposure, horrible posing, sloppy photoshop work too? don’t sell your style out just to please a client! Some clients insist on B&W conversion but not every shot (shot in color) is suitable for B&W conversion – this is where you, as a professional, take the lead and explain to the client that some conversions, spot coloring, photoshopping techniques, etc work and some do not. As the professional you should be guiding your clients to the best choices based on your knowledge – they may not understand. In the same way you go to your doctor and listen to what s/he suggests is the proper treatment, you should counsel your clients on the best options for their photos. If they want something that goes against your style completely or is something you just do not accept as a good image – then you might want to consider turning down the job or producing that one photo (with all of your metadata removed and no logo). Your clients do not dictate your style and expertise.

  22. though i suppose i wouldn’t post it in my portfolio like that…

  23. At least the word believe is spelled correctly. As for the rest … I’m speechless.

  24. Ewww.

    Just, ewwww.

  25. It took me at least 2 beers and 30 minutes to figure out what the heck this was…then another 2 beers to forget I’d seen it. Bad doesn’t begin to describe this – even it the client asked for it – don’t show it as an example of your “Best” work. My 14 year old knows better composition skills than the photographer here.

  26. Anonymous

    No one yet mentioned the tree looks like it can’t hold her and is giving way!

    This is creepy.

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