Basket Full Of Baby

Aw, who left this baby in an Easter basket out in the fog and snow?! Good thing those tiny fake bunnies showed up to care for him.

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  1. Not the worst photo i’ve ever seen posted here

  2. That could work, it just needs to be re shoot with a better basket and better lighting.

    • Annoyed

      Half decent concept (albeit completely overused), but horrible execution.

  3. Seen worse, isn’t it time you posted my submissions?!

  4. Kelli

    I have seen some awesome pics of babes in baskets…but never accompanied by pink bunnies & laying on plastic grass.

  5. Bit heavy with the fake grass and fading, but for the most part, not too bad.

  6. NicCole

    At least it’s in color.

  7. Courtney

    Really? Not bad? There are weird ghost images of toys, they cut off the handle of the basket, the props are totally lame, and — you can’t even see the baby’s face!! This is not a professional quality photo.

    • Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

      Thank you.

    • BurninBiomass

      Yea, you would think for a couple reasons they should have moved some of that plastic shit away from the kids face.

    • The only thing that I miss is the artificial light- a bit of shadows here and there.

  8. robert

    There are so many things subtly wrong with this pic, (instead of being bludgeoned with horror) that it still gives me a creepy feeling. It’s slightly better than what’s normally posted here, but who wants that as a measurement of success?

  9. I feel like the concept had potential to be cute. Just…ugh the execution.

  10. What???? No spot coloring ??? And either the red coloring in the baby’s face is either the reflection from the awesome pink grass or the baby is filling his pants with his own Easter goodies!

  11. Janet

    Cute concept, poor execution.

  12. Derek

    It’s the dreaded white vignette!

  13. spike

    The basic concept is cute but the composition is kind of odd what with the basket handle disappearing out of frame and the bunnies being caught up in the PP vignette. Colour composition is nice even though the white balance is bad.

    But none of that really matters. The baby’s face is hidden by that tacky pink cellophane grass and what’s worse is that the stuff presents a real choking hazard.

  14. meggy

    Poor babe (I think it’sa girl by the way!) Basket is way too small. Props are naff. And I’d like to see her face.

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