Balancing Baby

This might be a little more safe if the baby was wearing the helmet?

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  1. Ok, seriously, the parents allowed the photographer to do this?

  2. Oh dear…not a good idea.

  3. Why? Poor baby. He doesn’t look happy, he doesn’t even look cute. They should have put him inside the helmet, he’d have fitted in nicely.

  4. Maybe, just a thought, that in the black background someone is holding the baby? At least I hope they are otherwise its not safe.

  5. My guess is that someone was actually holding the baby. That would explain the burn job on the black background, but still…not a great shot. The baby looks very awkward and uncomfortable 🙁

  6. Not the worst photo I’ve seen in terms of quality – but yes, when a photo makes you raise your eyebrows and ask WTF, it’s not working. The baby looks stiff – the leg isn’t dangling, they’re just kinda sticking out into the blackness – and I can’t tell if it’s crying, farting, or … what. Just not one for the portfolio, I’m afraid.

  7. Serisouly where is the voice of reason when these photos are being take? If it was the parents idea the photographer should have said no. If it was the photographers idea the parents should have said no as well.

  8. You’re all being unreasonable. The baby was completely safe as the photographer had super-glued the baby to the helmet.

  9. Absolutely horrendous.

  10. Lalalalaaaaa

    Poor creature. Terrible photographer – and the quality stinks, too

  11. Leeloo

    It’s not a baby, it’s a doll, can’t you people see it? Babies don’t smile this way, also the proportions are just wrong, look at the leg. Still, a terrible photo.

  12. cochrane

    Some laws are really weird: “Helmets under age of 3 are required to wear a baby.”

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