Bad Mat Pic

Yikes, Fauxtog! I get it, you wanted the belly to be the focus and possibly to get that tattoo in there too, but once you got down there you should have realized this angle wasn’t going to work!

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  1. Oh good lord, that’s just a hundred kinds of TERRIBLE!

  2. FroggieG


  3. Ewww…just ewww

  4. meggy

    Shows her stretchmarks off really well. Bet she loved this one – not!

  5. Oh Boy. Oh Boyohboyohboy.

  6. Crystal

    While there is nothing wrong with a pregnant woman’s stretch marks, you can still show her belly in a way that makes her look gorgeous. THIS was NOT the proper way to do that.

    • Capt. Obvious

      Agreed. It’s the photographers job to make the image flattering, not accentuate the more unflattering parts.

  7. Dear eyes:
    I’m sorry.
    Love, me.

  8. this is one you keep and hold over your kid every time they piss you off – “LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY BODY! Can’t you show me a little respect?!”

  9. BurninBiomass

    Dear oh dear…

  10. Faith S.

    hello roadmap!

  11. No no no no no no no no NO! Just…

  12. Gal with a Camera

    Yes, every pregnant lady wants to be photographed at an angle that makes her look a mile wide.

  13. FalconGTHO

    YAY~! More “People of Wal Mart” fauxtography.

  14. sharon g

    Oh, for the love of Pete!! WHY????

  15. GallopingGourmet

    That’s what it looks like from the OB/GYN’s perspective.

  16. David Gutierrez

    Sometimes I see comments that say things like “you should see the rest of their photos” “This one isn’t the worst they have”. How your people getting to their pages?

    • Gal with a camera

      I dunno! But I reeeeaaaaaally want to know how… I’m dying to see some mire bad photography. XD

  17. And this is one that didn’t get banished to the recycle bin. Ick.

  18. Isabel

    Mom: oh please please get my stretch marks!!! I love them so much, and I really want to show them off.
    Fauxtographer: Iits lik my best foto EVAHH!!!!! ROFLMAOBBQ!!!!#

    >_> What is wrong with people? It doesn’t take a talented photographer to realize what crap this is. Any normal person would think…ugh, I don’t want my photo taken like that.

    • Capt. Obvious

      Not true. I see positive comments for over cooked and saturated images on facebook all the time. I could do a selective colouring of a pile of dog sh*t and post it on facebook and someone would like it. Not everyone has an eye for good art. Look at Warhol fans!

      • Isabel

        I wasn’t talking about over saturated selective coloring crap. People don’t know the difference, your right. But I was talking about stretch marks. About how any normal person would realize that a photo showing off stretch marks is crap. And they wouldn’t want a photo like that.

  19. Chantal

    Ohhhh noooo!! I just don’t understand 🙁

  20. Awful. I hope the photographer didn’t charge for an image that serves more as a bad memory than a good one.

  21. Janet

    At least the up-the-nose head angle is a nice accent…. Horrid!

  22. Another watermelon in B&W.

  23. Good God, why?

  24. zomg. I took a shot like this once for fun (but without the stretch marks) … and even then I never released it! Actually, it was a pretty good shot made with the appropriate lens (I think I used a 10mm rectilinear for a 1.6 crop camera).

  25. My retinas!
    A tip: Just because pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful processes doesn’t mean that every aspect of them or every photo of them is something that should be taken or shared. Stretch marks are ugly. For eons, women have been trying to get rid of them. And shots from below just give us images of a…I don’t know, some sort of scarred-up manatee or something. This is atrocious.

  26. Rachel P.


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