Bad Hair Day

bad hair day

Wow, if this is photography, I’m a pterodactyl!

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  1. Maybe it is a professional picture, for a drug awareness poster or something. “This is your hair. This is your hair on crack”

  2. tinkywinky

    ^ hahahaha yes!

  3. HennyM

    it looks like (s)he’s taken a photo of a photo…

  4. I’ve seen better-taken photos on these bad mugshot web sites! This looks like a selfie with the in-camera of a mobile.

  5. sharon g

    It looks like she just woke up and rolled out of bed.

  6. I’m thinking The Faces of Meth. Such a vacant, faraway, absent stare ,,,

  7. Evidence this is being passed off as a portfolio picture?
    It’s on the photography page, so possible
    but no watermark, and it’s clear this looks like a selfie or something of that nature.

    • Even if it’s a selfie, you don’t post it on your professional page. Nothing but professional-quality work should be on a business page.

  8. Is that Blanka from Streetfighter 2?

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