Bad Boudoir Collection


Is their skin supposed to be glowing like that?

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  1. This looks like the latest victim on Law and Order SVU

  2. Meth whore under a bridge? $20

  3. #4 looks like the most popular girl in the trailer park.

  4. The first one looks like the next episode of “White Trash Sister Wives”

    • Grackle

      Alright already, Tina. Did these women do something to you or are just crappy at discussing photography?

  5. Fauxtog Hunter

    #1.. somebody must be following the Jared Polin rules of post processing.. more contrast! Love the burn marks on the bike chick’s thighs.

  6. #1 – Doesn’t a traditional ménage à trois usually include a dude?
    #2 – She has that “Where am I…and who are you?” look in her eye.
    #3 – Fauxtog fancies themselves to be a poor-man’s David Lynch?
    #4 – Deleted scene from a Fiona Apple music video
    #5 – WTF? This is what it used to look like when first opening a RAW file on my old computer. I actually stared at it for half a minute waiting for it to finish loading and stop being blurry. Perhaps it is only by the grace of god(dess(s) that the damn thing DIDN’T finish loading.

  7. Maybe it’s so blurred ‘cos the tog was too damned scared to get out their car and had to shoot through the windshield while driving past at high speed?

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