Bad Baby Photos Collection

drink up baby
Getting baby loosened up for her photo shoot?

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  1. I like the second one (bw-basket-baby.jpg). All it really needs is a good crop centering on the baby.

    • I disagree. Just my opinion, of course, but that image has not a single redeeming quality. Not. A. One.

  2. Deangela

    This is soo awful. I mean is this an episode if “American pickers”? Was this taken from an episode of hoarders? What’s happening?

  3. Just awful. Haha american pickers.

  4. They’re all pretty bad…makes that seagull photoshop thing in a more recent post look like a masterpiece in comparison.

    But the last one…with the baby covered in IDKWTF-it-is was a pretty bad photo opportunity to begin with, and is made even worse by bad crop, bad angle and crime-scene-investigation-esque onboard flash.

  5. I am dying over number 6. I am assuming that the American picker comment was for that particular picture. So hilarious I didn’t even know there was a baby there until I did a double take.

  6. Truthism

    Number 3 is the best of these, but the editing is a bit meh

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