Baby Wanted Dead or Alive


The fauxtog might not care, but we’d sure prefer if the baby was found alive!

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  1. DidYouEvenLookThroughTheViewFinder

    If we’re going for funny, why not try “Future school mas-shooting victim?”

    Too soon?

  2. What are people thinking when they come up with things like this? Or are they even thinking at all?

  3. It looks like baby is on oxygen? Or possible shadow on cheek but um if it’s on oxygen that makes this even more morbid

    • yep from the looks of it this baby is hooked up to tubes.. this fauxtog is taking morbid to a whole new level!!

  4. Creepy

  5. (To the tune of Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive”):

    I’m a photog,
    Canon Rebel’s at my side.
    Can’t tell if my clients’
    Are dead or alive.

  6. wertyu2007

    probably well meaning but dead and baby are a no-no surely.

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