Baby Snatcher

Uh oh, this angry little elf has stolen someone’s baby and is taking it back to the North Pole!!


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  1. But the North Pole is the other way!

  2. I think the worst thing about this one is the bad use of the selection to cut the kids out… I have that same backdrop and it looks great – With a Santa and elves in front of it and not cropped to death…

  3. dodie

    My eyes! Oh my EYES!!!!

  4. I don’t think the angry little elf is taking the baby back to the North Pole. Check the direction the sled is being pulled and the direction of the arrow on the sign. It’s a bad picture and a poor extraction.

  5. There is a way to make sleeping babies look cute and not dead. Apart from the obvious (direction of sled, expression of elf etc.)

  6. Oh no! This murderous elf decided to park the baby on a road in hopes a slay will whoosh by and smash the poor child! Save the baby before it’s too late!

  7. And they blame dingos…

  8. How cheesy can this be? More crap from rank beginners. I’m surprised that its even in focus.

  9. Miss Obnoxious

    ROFL! This is spool funny. XD

  10. BurninBiomass

    Your a mean one…. little Grinch…

  11. Heather

    Not only is this just…BAD… I’m hoping the parents are nearby in case angry toddler decides to jerk the sleigh too hard and fling baby…yikes!!

  12. spike

    The same backdrop and props would be much cuter if it appeared that the little girl and baby were riding the sled together and had just come down the road depicted in the backdrop. Instead you can’t see the baby’s face much at all. (yes, looks like a kidnapping instead), and it seems the girl is pulling the sled the wrong direction. Also the light temperature in the kids and sled is so different from that of the background that even IF the extraction had been perfect (which it ain’t), the editing would be obvious.

  13. I think she’s taking it AWAY from the North Pole… she’s pulling in the opposite direction of the sign.

  14. Henny

    she looks really angry… and the baby already gave up, from what it looks like. awesome picture for baby’s first christmas. i’d so send this to the parts of my family i can’t stand. send me the fauxtogs phone number.

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