Baby Sandwich

You guys are squishing the baby…

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  1. I like how she is all, “this is killing me, hurry up!” and he is all, “I can only hold this position for so long, take the picture!”

    Besides, isn’t he a little young to be the father?

    • They’re siblings…..

      And YANAP, I doubt they are squishing the baby. His shirt is just touching it. However, it is a very, very bad pose.

  2. So uhm is that the position in which the baby was conceived? Poor thing will always be known as ‘Doggy Style’ :-/

  3. TollToll

    OH NO!!!! lol terrible!!!!!! & MY GOD WHY IS IT SEPIA!?

  4. They seem a rather photogenic family. Pity about the pose and sepia.

  5. I think those are three siblings. Weird pose, though. Especially with the pained look on the boy’s face as he tries not to crush his brother/sister.

  6. I am most bothered by the cropping. The sepia doesn’t bother me because I’m sure the photo right before this one is the same one in color, and the one after is the same one again in B&W.

  7. NintendoMommy85

    Wtfudge 🙁 poor baby….

  8. This is by far the most awkward trend I’ve saw going around lately.. I’ve yet to see a “doggy style” pose work in a family photo and doubt it will ever happen.

  9. Photog: Yeah, that’s right. Mount both of them like a Lowlands Gorilla in heat. I want this to scream “wild incest.” So primal! So visceral!

    Photog (later, with Photoshop open): Hmmm. My lighting is completely flat and my composition is sh*t. Lemme take out the color to hide the seam in the background and slather on the sepia color.

    Now it’s so edgy and raw!!! Visceral even!!!

  10. well this just seems creepy

  11. Wsroadrunner

    Incest advertisement? WTF????

  12. At least in small size the shadows make it look like the photographer had taken a picture of cardboard cutouts. With the lighting the family looks strangely two-dimensional.

  13. I told you if we did it my way, you wont get pregnant. Butt noooo!

  14. Arch Nemesis

    So which one is he fucking?

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