Baby Planking

Fairy baby planking, it’s the next big thing.

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  1. I like the idea…but it helps when you can see the baby’s face…and um…the spot color…that’s terrible!

  2. I love the pubes in the background.

  3. Katherine

    I just hope that poor baby didn’t suffocate to get this beautiful photo, I mean seriously she is face down in all that fluff

  4. I am going to give the photographer the benefit of the doubt and say that the kid moved while shooting. It is obviously not a newborn baby so that is possible. The spot colour is so bad that it has to be an action the photographer runs and then touches it up. There is just no way that they did it this bad manually.
    To me the big question is “How did this get out in public”?

  5. Butterfly butt secks?

  6. Wow! This reminds me of the other day when I was scanning through photography businesses on facebook and a photographer, for an engagement session, ACTUALLY took photos of the couple planking. What a great memory to have years from now. A photo of you doing the dumbest thing alive that was popular on earth for 3 months!

  7. Am I the only one wondering why the wings are on the babys butt…lol

  8. I can understand taking a picture like this by mistake, babies wiggle at the last second all the time.

    What I do NOT understand is why anyone would take the time to do fugly spot color on a bad shot like this, and publish it as an example of their work!

    “Hey look! I can take a perfectly cute baby and make her look horrible, and then I will actually expect you to pay me for doing this.”

  9. DIsgusted Photo Studio Owner

    What’s more disgusting is that people will actually pay good money for this crap and be satisfied with their purchase!

  10. baby faceplant is more accurate. that poor child look like she just fell over and “snap” let’s capture the MOMENT!

  11. Someone .. please tell me they were able to save the baby!!! 🙂

  12. The baby looks like it’s getting eaten by a giant gnat!

  13. Only the baby knew how horrible this was going to turn out, hid her face… smart kid 😉

  14. Killer Butterflies

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