Baby Pacman

Bab baby shot

His parents are Mr and Mrs Pacman…

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  1. Hm, that flower is crushing the poor thing’s head, by the look of it.

  2. Is there a class, book, video or some other form of tutorial where these people learn how to shoot bloody awful pics like this? After years and years I’ve come to realize that many people accept this level of “quality” both as a customer and “photographer” but I’ll never understand why they don’t desire a little more. Why wouldn’t you at least read some articles online about how to improve? Are you, faux, just lazy or too blind to see how similar to a pile of warm guano this pic is? And shame on the customers for not taking off the mom glasses and seeing this for what it is.

  3. Bad baby pictures such as this one make me see the infant as a *specimen,* not a darling newborn. A real photographer would show me a cute bundle of joy.

  4. Him, I’d say with flowers and a butterfly on the back, would make this baby not a “him” but a HER. Not to take away from the fact that the photographer should have had momma nurse the baby before snapping this photo.

  5. cut out that the poster just wants to show for attention

  6. HennyM

    Honestly, i don’t think the pose is the worst part of this photo… I am wondering how any parent would accept a photo of their baby where half the jaw, knee, foot and arm are cut off. and there is something hanging out of the belly as well… not sure if that used to be an arm.

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