Baby on the Roof

baby on board

Oh dear, left the newborn on the roof again!

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  1. I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the ridiculous faux screw-up or the fact that I finally have something new to look at (and critique).
    Well, the long wait was almost worth it cause this one is quite the doozy! Was there not a single adult with a handful of functioning brain cells in the vicinity? I mean, from the fairly horrendous lighting (and gotta love the massive dof) it’s obvious the poor infant was not photoshopped in. To that end, no one considered the tipsy looking-disaster-waiting-to-happen? The only thing that would have made this better if the car had been on the rail road tracks.

  2. Besides all the things already mentioned, I cringe seeing that harsh sun on that new baby’s pure white skin! I guess it won’t matter after baby falls and is critically injured. This is just awful!

  3. “And from that point on, my parents called me ‘Stork’.”

  4. Even if this were done perfectly I wouldn’t be able to stop worrying about that poor baby.

  5. This wasn’t a joke? There’s no way someone thought this was A) a good idea and B) was going to pass as legitimate photography

  6. wow a new image – and jesus is it a scary one!

  7. What is there to critique?

  8. I want to grab this fauxtog by the throat and shake them. How in holy hell is this a good idea? I just read a story about another fauxtog that somehow dropped a baby, who bounced on a bean bag chair and had spinal injuries.

  9. Usually at 99.99% this kind of freaking stupid moron thing, it’s Dad’s idea !

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